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C# Imaging - Create Web Image Viewer in C#.NET

C#.NET ASP.NET Web-based Viewer Control SDK to View Document Image

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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C#.NET Web Image Viewer Introduction
RasterEdge Visual C# .NET Web Viewer SDK is a JavaScript based document image viewing control, which allows developers and non-technical end users to view, process, edit and annotate document & image in modern web browsers.
With zero-footprint AJAX feature, this C#.NET Web Viewer Component SDK requires no client-side downloads or installation. Written in 100% managed C# code, this web viewer control is suitable for .NET Framework 2.0 (or greater) applications. What's more, this Web Image Viewer for C# can be easily integrated into your own ASP.NET applications and is compatible with multiple browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome & Safari.
Here we list the key features of this C#.NET web document image viewer.
  • User friendly interface with shape based function buttons
  • Zero-footprint, no downloads, no flash plugin
  • Seamlessly compatible with any C# ASP.NET Web applications
  • Supports Visual Studio 2005 and greater versions
  • Own advanced C# document viewer features, like searching, highlighting and printing
  • Add, delete, and reorder document pages in an extremely easy way
  • Flexible document file navigation with thumbnail preview support
  • Rotate target web document image file by 90,-90,180 degrees
  • Redact web image and document content by burning annotations
  • Support viewing PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, WORD and DICOM formats in C# ASP.NET web application
  • Target document image file can be drawn from both local files and web server
C# Image Web Document Viewer Functions
This C#.NET ASP.NET web viewer creating control is a fully featured third-party .NET solution, which allows C# developers to process and edit document image files with various functions. In this section, we demonstrate all its supported functions with following chart.
Integrate Web Viewer Control in C# Annotation in Web Viewer using C#
From this online tutorial page, you will find detailed guidance on how to install and integrate this robust and standalone web-based viewer control SDK into your C#.NET class application. This C#.NET web viewer SDK allows developers to add, draw, burn and delete various annotations on target document image files, including text, line, rectangle, polygon and rubberstamp annotation.
Document File Operation in Web Viewer Document Processing in Web Viewer
Using this C#.NET web viewer, developers can easily open source document image file from local disks, load file from web server, save edited file and print target file in ASP.NET web server application, without using external document viewers. If you want to rotate source document image file by 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees, or apply image effects (like antique effect, image sharpening and image cropping) to target file, this C#.NET web viewing control is a great choice.
Page Navigation and Operation in Web Viewer Add Your Own Command in Web Viewer
This online web viewer control add-on offers developers a quick page navigation, which can help users manage file pages using thumbnail preview, add or delete one document page using C#.NET and navigate to previous or next page with a click. RasterEdge web viewer control allows C# developers to customize viewer interface properties (like button size & color; the location & displaying mode of toolbar) and set the parameters of annotations on web viewer (like annotation outline color).
Page Zooming in Web Viewer
This web viewer SDK also supports viewing document page with zooming in & out functions. Besides, users can choose to display whole source document file within web viewer or fit target file to the width of this web viewer or read source image at original document image size.

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