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C# DICOM - DICOM Imaging in C#.NET

Overview for How to Use DICOM Image in C#.NET Imaging Program

C#.NET DICOM Image Reading Overview

This .NET DICOM Image Decoder Toolkit is a professional C#.NET imaging control SDK, which aims to decode DICOM into images, convert DICOM to other raster image files, and add annotations on DICOM document. DICOM (Digital imaging and Communications in Medicine) is an international standard (ISO 12052) respective to medical imaging and its related workflow & data management. It defines the file format that can be used for data exchange in clinical circumstances demand. Using RasterEdge .NET DICOM Document Control SDK, C# developers can easily and quickly decode, view and edit DICOM document in Visual C#.NET imaging programs.

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Major Features

RasterEdge .NET DICOM Medical Image Control SDK is a multi-functional .NET solution which supports following outstanding DICOM imaging features.

Written in managed C# code, complying with in .NET Microsoft Framework 2.0+

Superior C#.NET DICOM Imaging Toolkit that decodes DICOM into images without other external software

Support converting DICOM into PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP images in both C#.NET web and WinForms applications

Able to draw and add various annotation objects on DICOM document and save to PDF or TIFF using C#.NET

Easy to adjust DICOM rendering parameters in C#.NET, like image contrast, window width and center

Support reading and editing other document and image files in .NET class application

C#.NET DICOM Document Imaging Online Tutorials

Install, Deploy and Distribute SDK

This page describes how to install XDoc.Dicom for .NET, how to deploy to IIS on Windows Servers, and how to distribute with your Windows applications.

Quick to Start

You may now start to download free trial of RasterEdge XImage.Dicom for .NET, integrate corresponding dll libraries into your C# application, and then use free sample code to have a quick evaluation of loading Dicom File.

DICOM HTML5 Viewer Creating

RasterEdge .NET DocImage SDK provides a web viewing solution for DICOM document. C# users can easily create a web document viewer to view, annotate, save and print DICOM image file.

DICOM Document Annotating

Using RasterEdge .NET DICOM Document Imaging SDK, C#.NET developers can draw and add 10+ annotation objects on DICOM document and save annotated DICOM file to TIFF and PDF.

DICOM Document Converting

RasterEdge also offers online C#.NET tutorial for how to render and convert DICOM document to raster images and documents, like PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PDF. Please click to see details.