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C#.NET Document File Operation Overview
The mature web document file operation function of RasterEdge Web Document Image Viewer SDK allows C# developers to handle and operate source image file in modern web browsers. Similar to other commonly used document viewers, like Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office Word, this .NET Document Web Viewer for C# also owns comprehensive and professional document file operating and handling functions.
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To be more specific, with this .NET document file operation control, without any app plug-in, C#.NET developers are able to open target document file from web server, save edited document to local file or memory stream, print & download current document file, and upload target file to server in C#.NET web application.
Here we demonstrate the key features of C#.NET Web Viewer SDK.
  • Robust and professional C#.NET imaging library for quick document operation online
  • Support operating various web document file formats, like PDF, PDF/A, and TIFF
  • Integrate advanced web document viewing and printing features into C# ASP.NET project
To help you have a comprehensive grasp of C#.NET document file operation control for web image or document viewing, we arrange this online tutorial in following ways.
  • How to open source document file in C#.NET web application
  • How to save current web document file in C#.NET project
  • How to upload file within C#.NET web document viewer
  • How to download file using C#.NET web document image viewer
  • How to print document file from web browser in C#.NET
Apart from those professional web document file operating functions, RasterEdge C#.NET Web Viewer SDK is also capable of viewing, annotating, saving and printing web document images with other featured functions. Here are some of the online tutorials, like C#.NET guide for selecting web document to view and C#.NET guide for annotating document file in web browser. If needed, you may also see VB.NET Imaging - Web Doc File Operation Guide here.
Operate Document Online in C#.NET Program
In this section, we will give users detailed illustrations on the five main document operating functions respectively, which are C# project web document opening, document saving, file uploading, file downloading and document printing.

How to Open Document File in Web Viewer in C#.NET

The OpenFile JavaScript API offered by RasterEdge C#.NET document image file operation SDK allows you to browse files on the server and open the file you selected with high-speed.
This .NET Web Document Image Viewer Control enables C# developers to call different APIs to open and load source file from web server. And here, we offer three different ways for developers as below.
// load the file that is initially displayed in the area
this.REWebViewer1.LoadFile("/RasterEdge_Demo_Docs/Sample.pdf", this.SessionId);

// load the selected file in the server file folder
this.REWebViewer1.LoadFile(fileName, this.SessionId);

//load the file that is just uploaded to the RasterEdge_Cache folder in the server
string filename = "/RasterEdge_Cache/" + uploadFile;
this.REWebViewer1.LoadFile(filename, this.SessionId);

How to Save Document File from Web Browser in C#.NET

This SaveFile API supported by this C#.NET document file operation control SDK is designed to help developers save all changes that you have made to the current displayed document file. There is a default local path to save the document, but you can modify the save path in Default.aspx.cs. And here we offer a demo code for you to customize the file storing.
REDocument doc = (REDocument)Session[this.SessionId + "Save"];
if (doc != null)
REFile.SaveDocumentFile(doc, "c:/save.pdf", new PDFEncoder());

How to Upload File Using Web Viewer

If you want to upload selected document file to RasterEdge_Cache folder of server and display it, you can use this AjaxFileUpload API.

How to Download the Source Document on Web Page

If you save all the changes that you have made to target document image file and view it at another page, you can call this DownloadFile API to download this file.

How to Print Document File with C#.NET Web Viewer

If you want to print the current document image file from internet web browser, you can use the PrintFile() function. After you save currently displayed document file and open it at another web page, you can use this file printing API to print this file.
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