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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

Excel Reading SDK in C#.NET
C#.NET Excel Document Add-on of RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK offers the most reliable and robust Microsoft Excel document reading and editing capabilities to professional developers and non-technical end users. This Excel Reading Toolkit is fully programmed in C#.NET class code that is fully compatible with both cross-platform Windows and web applications within .NET Framework 2.0 & all above versions.
In addition to Office Excel Reading Library DLL, RasterEdge still allows users to read & edit Office Word document in C#.NET.
C# Excel Document SDK Functions List
Following table list displays all the supported functions of RasterEdge .NET Excel Reading assembly in C#.NET programming. And here are two notes for relevant requirements for using this C# Excel Document Library: one is that our DLL only supports Microsoft Excel 2007 & all the later versions; and the other is that our DLL can be used for developing application within Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2013 and .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5.
C# Excel - Start with Excel Creating, Loading and Saving C# Excel Data Export Tutorial
Use APIs and sample codes in C#.NET to load, create and save specific Excel document from/to native file or memory stream. Complete and flexible demo codes on how to export Excel data in hundred percent accuracy with RasterEdge Excel Document Add-on DLL in C#.NET.
C# Excel Windows, Web & Mobile Viewers C# Excel Barcode Reading Control SDK
How to create HTML5 web viewer, Widows Forms viewer and mobile viewer for Excel document viewing and editing with completely customizable interface and device transform in C#.NET project. This page contains precise API methods and demo codes in C#.NET, which are used to read and decode barcode from Excel document spreadsheet. Besides, you have access to more barcode image setting functions.
Annotate Excel Page/Sheet in C#.NET Excel Barcode Creating SDK in C#
With C# Excel Annotation Drawing DLL, users can add and create 10+ annotation objects on Excel sheet with simple C# sample code. The supported annotation types are line, lines, free hand, hotspot, etc. Do you want to draw and write linear and 2d barcodes on your Excel document spreasheet in C#.NET project? If so, you may evaluate this marvelous Excel Barcode Creating Add-on SDK for .NET.
Convert Excel to Raster and Vector Images in C# C# Excel Watermark Creating Tutorial
You are able to convert Excel document to raster images (Bmp, Gif, Jpeg & Png), vector image (SVG), TIFF and PDF documents by using our C#.NET Excel Document Add-on, together with Basic DLL of DocImage SDK for .NET. Use RasterEdge .NET Excel Document Editing Component, Visual C# programmers are also able to draw and create text or graphics as watermark to any certain Excel spreadsheet in C#.NET program.
C# Excel Document Metadata Creation
Excel Document Add-on also empowers .NET users to read, process and save Excel document metadata in Visual C#.NET programming. For detailed information, please link to this detailed online guide.
C# Excel Document SDK Programming Features
With this C# Excel Spreadsheet File Reading Control, users are entitled with highly user-defined abilities to achieve various Excel document imaging functions.
  • Run very well in thread-safe C# ASP.NET web and Windows Forms projects
  • Support C#.NET Excel document loading, creating and saving from/to local file or stream
  • Free to draw and burn 10+ annotation objects to Excel document page in C#.NET
  • Support three types of C# Excel document viewer, including HTMEL 5 web viewer, Windows viewer and mobile viewer
  • Generate thumbnail or preview of Excel document with a couple lines of code in created C#.NET document viewer
  • Render and convert Excel document to popular raster & vector image forms, as well as PDF file
  • Just a few lines of C# codes are needed for reading barcode from Excel spreadsheet
  • Variable 1D & 2D barcode writing abilities can be combined with .NET Excel Document Add-on DLL
  • Multi-threaded support for adding text or image watermark object to current Excel document in C#
Besides Microsoft Excel document reading & processing, we also provide online C# guide for PDF reading & processing, as well as PowerPoint C#.NET reading & processing guide.

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