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C# Excel - Search and Find Text in Excel

Learn How to Search Text in Excel Document and Obtain Text Content and Location Information


RasterEdge XDoc.Excel for .NET allows C# programmers to integrate text search functionality into their Excel document management application. To be specific, using mature C#.NET APIs, programmers can achieve following aspects.

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Easy to search and find text content and get its location details

Allow to search defined Excel file page or the whole document

Support search Excel file with various search options, like whole Excel, ignore case, match string, etc.

C# PDF: Example of Finding Text

Add references:



Using namespace:

  using RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic;

  using RasterEdge.XDoc.Excel;

  using RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.TextSearch;

The following C# coding example illustrates how to perform Excel text searching function in your .NET project, including setting search option, creating search result, and saving the result.

internal static void TestSearch(String fileName, String matchString, String cacheFile)

// Set search options.
RESearchOption option = new RESearchOption();
option.WholeWord = true;
option.IgnoreCase = true;
option.ContextExpansion = 30;

// It will create a cach file if your PDF document is never been searched before. 
if (!File.Exists(fileName))
BaseDocument document = getBaseDocument(TestFilePath.InputFilePath + fileName);
document.CacheSearchInfo(TestFilePath.InputFilePath + cacheFile);

// Create search result.
SearchResult sResult = new SearchResult();

// Search and store the result in the entity of search structure.
BaseDocument.Search(TestFilePath.InputFilePath + cacheFile, option, sResult);

private static BaseDocument getBaseDocument(String filePath)
BaseDocument document = null;
if (filePath.EndsWith(".pdf"))
document = new PDFDocument(filePath);
else if (filePath.EndsWith(".docx"))
document = new DOCXDocument(filePath);
else if (filePath.EndsWith(".xlsx"))
document = new XLSXDocument(filePath);
else if (filePath.EndsWith(".pptx"))
document = new PPTXDocument(filePath);
return document;