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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C#.NET Image Conversion SDK Overview
RasterEdge C#.NET image conversion SDK is developed to help C# developers solve various image converting issues. Built in .NET Framework 2.0 application and written in managed C# code, this C#.NET image conversion SDK features itself with runtime royalty-free deployment. Using this .NET image conversion SDK, developers can achieve 30+ file formats conversion by Visual C# programming code.
Here we bring a brief feature list of this RasterEdge C#.NET image conversion control SDK.
  • Robust and thread-safe .NET solution for high-fidelity document image conversion using C# code
  • Standalone C#.NET image converter SDK that converts document image files without external software
  • Achieve fast and high-quality conversion between raster image file formats using C# code
  • Able to perform smooth conversion between document and image in C#.NET class application
  • Easy to convert raster image file to byte array or stream string object in a C# programming way
  • Capable of converting one document to another document type using C# code
To help you have a comprehensive insight of this C#.NET image converting tutorial page, we provide following navigation for you.
  • Main function list of RasterEdge C#.NET image conversion control SDK
  • System requirement for this C# image converter toolkit
  • RasterEdge C# image converting FAQs
Visual C# Image Conversion - Functions
The following chart will help you have a brief look at converting functions supported by RasterEdge Visual C# document image conversion SDK. If you are interested in one of those four major document image converting functions, feel free to see detailed instructions by clicking the link.
Convert Image to Byte Array in C# Convert Word to Image File in C#
If you are trying to show image in a web server-based application using C# programming code, without storing the image into database or web server, this image to byte array converting library control will be a great choice for .NET developers. If you want to publish the content of Word document in a webpage, it is better to convert this Word to image files (like png, jpeg, tiff and gif) using a professional Word to Image converting control library in your Visual C# .NET class application.
Convert Image to Stream in C# Convert PDF to Image File in C#
This C#.NET image to stream converting library control is designed to help C# developers convert image files, like bmp, jpeg, gif, png and tiff, into stream or memory stream on both web server applications and windows projects. This Visual C# .NET conversion library assembly aims to help C# developers convert PDF document to editable and searchable image file formats, like png, tiff and jpg, in all .NET developing applications.
Here we randomly recommend you other C#.NET converting tutorial pages, which mainly talk about the document file conversion applications, like C# PDF document converting guide, C# TIFF document converting guide, C#.NET Word document conversion guidance, Excel converting & rendering guide in C# and C#.NET PowerPoint conversion tutorial.
C# Image Conversion SDK Installation
In order to make RasterEdge image conversion SDK fully compatible with your C#.NET class application, please make sure your system has met the installation requirement of this C# image converting SDK.
  • Visual Studio 2005 or above versions
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or greater versions
  • Windows Operating System XP or later versions
What should be noted here is that before you install this image conversion SDK, please read the tutorial page on How to Get the Evaluation License Key of RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET.
C# Image Converting SDK FAQs
Q: Does RasterEdge C#.NET image conversion SDK support converting document image files in batch mode?
A: Sorry, currently, RasterEdge .NET image converting SDK only offers API that helps C# developers convert one document image file at a time.
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