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How to C#: Modify Image Metadata (tag)

With XImage.Raster, you can get the image tags and modify them rapidly.


With the XImage.Raster library, you can get comments of the image, you can modify the comments according to the standard our XImage.Raster supports.

Related APIs

Our XImage.Raster SDK private APIs to modify comments in class ImageProcess as follows;

public void AddComment(string comment);
public void AddComment(string comment, int pageIndex);
public void DeleteComment();
public void DeleteComment(int pageIndex);
public string GetComment();
public string GetComment(int pageIndex);

Modify Image Tags in C#

You can modify the tags of the image with the code as follows.

Sample Code (modify the comments of image):

//Load image from bitmap with default load option
RasterImage img = new RasterImage(@"input.jpeg");
ImageProcess processor = new ImageProcess(img);