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C# Raster - Image Save Options in C#.NET

How to save image(s) addition options with C# XImage.Raster SDK

Specify Save Options

If SaveOption parameter is specified and saved, corresponding image file will be created. If you don't use this parameter, it will run default option and don't do processing on image file. And if you don't know how to use it, please refer to following Option settings. Generally it's unnecessary to use option without special request.

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General Saving Options


     Specify the target format that image need to encode to


     Image Color Management Save Options


     As a zone bit of whether it's need to embed Color profile, there are two situations for it:

     true: Choose remain Colorprofile if it's included in image. Choose embed standard ColorProfile to images if there's no ColorProfile in image.

     false: Choose don't delete Colorprofile if it's included in image,Don't do any change if there's no Colorprofile in image.


     Set the conversion method when converting color with ColorProfile


     With this value, if ColorProfile was embed to original image, it will be saved to corresponding place. If there's no ColorProfile in original image, setting is useless.

     Image Format-Specific Save Options


     Compression: Set BMP compression method. The default is no compression


     MultiPage: Set whether save multi-frame page to icon file, false: just save the first page to the icon file. true: Save to a multiple icon file.