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.NET Web Viewer Control, included in DocImage SDK for .NET package, is a professional, competitive, and cost-effective web image & document viewing solution for various C# applications. In download package, users can quickly run a C# demo project for this .NET Web Viewer solution to select and view various source documents and images. Also, web image and document annotating, saving and printing functions are also available (see details from left menu).
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Now, on this page, C# users will be guided to set and control flexible options in web viewer, especially for document viewer width and height, as well as web document and image display format.
C# Web Document Viewer Width & Height
You can easily change width and height of your created web document viewer in Visual C#.NET program. And two attribute values can be adjusted and customized.
  • _viewerWidth: A float number representing the width of C#.NET REWebViewer control in pixel
  • _viewerHeight: A float number representing the height of C#.NET REWebViewer control in pixel
The default width and height settings of RasterEdge C#.NET web viewer is as below. Please directly change the corresponding attribute values of _viewer object in default. aspx page.
_viewer = new RasterEdgeViewer({
_viewerWidth: 1024,
_viewerHeight: 730,
C# Web Document Viewer Display Format
RasterEdge .NET Web Viewer Library for C# provides Visual C# programmers with two modes to display PDF, Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. One is Bitmap and the other is SVG file format. The difference is that Bitmap is constructed by pixels while SVG is a vector image type. Both display options are well supported by most common web browsers, like IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc.
In Default.aspx file, _pdfViewer, _wordViewer and _excelViewer are properties for PDF, Word, and Excel settings respectively. These properties have two values, for which 1 represents SVG mode, and 0 represents Bitmap mode.
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