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RasterEdge .NET Web Viewer Control Library is a high-end and comprehensive web document and image viewing solutions for C#.NET imaging programs. It allows C# developers not only loading, annotating and redacting various documents and images in created web viewer, but also providing flexible document navigating and viewing options.
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In all, the most user-friendly document navigation methods are through thumbnail image and document outline in C#.NET application web viewer. With these methods, C# users can quickly have a better view and control of loaded document. On this page, we will describes how to navigate throw the document you read in C#.NET web document viewer.
C# Web Viewer Document Navigation Throw Thumbnial Image
The first method recommended is through thumbnail image created in web viewer. In C#.NET project web viewer, a thumbnail image is generated for each page of loaded web document. By clicking the thumbnail, C# programmers will be redirect to the corresponding page of the document.
Moreover, to get a thumbnail image of a document page in Web Viewer, you can call the C#.NET API Bitmap BasePage.GetBitmap(float zoomValue); to set the zoom value to somewhere between 0 and 1. This C#.NET API can be called from any document page object for which the document types are supported by RasterEdge Doc Imaging SDK for .NET , for example PDFPage, DOCXPage, TIFFPage and DCMPage.
To set the specific size for thumbnail image in Web Document Viewer, C#.NET users can use the API REImage BasePage.ConvertToImage(Size targetSize);. And the returning REImage object can be converted to different image formats.
C# Web Viewer Document Navigation Throw Outline
The second navigation method is through document outline. After loading document in C#.NET web viewer, you may quickly navigate to the target part of web viewer document by clicking the outline. Most of the well-formed documents, like Word and PDF, will contain outline information. For Word document, an automatic document outline is generated for navigation purpose. For document like PDF, outline information is directly extracted from document if it is included.
If you want to obtain web document outline programmatically in C#, you can use the API BaseDocument.GetOutline(); provides detailed C#.NET user guides for using .NET Web Document & Image Viewing Control, like how to integrate web viewer dll library into C#.NET project, how to annotate and redact loaded web document or image, how to customize your options in web document viewer, etc. Please see more details from the left menu (in section HTML5 Doc Image Viewer).

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