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After you successfully integrate .NET Web Viewer Control DLL into your C# web application, now you may feel free to load document or image into created web viewer to view or do advanced manipulations.
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On this C#.NET tutorial page, you will learn more details related to selecting document or image source into web viewer.
  • Supported documents and images in web viewer
  • Three ways to load documents and images into web viewer
  • How to customize the loading process of web viewer
C# Web Viewing - Document & Image Formats
At the very beginning, please make sure what documents and images are supported by RasterEdge C#.NET Web Viewer DLL.
  • Supported document formats: TIFF, PDF, Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dicom
  • Supported image formats: PNG, GIF, JPEG, Bitmap, JPEG2000, and JIBIG2
C# Web Viewing - Three Ways to Load Source File
RasterEdge .NET Web Viewer Library enables Visual C# programmers easily to select and load document or image from three kinds of sources file, including file in stream or byte array form, and in local disk. Loaded file can be viewed and navigated throw thumbnail image or document outline.
C# Web Viewing - Customize Loading Process
Web document and image loading process can be customized in Default.aspx.cs using LoadFile(string filePath, string fid), LoadFile(Stream stream, string fid) and LoadFile(byte[] array, string fid) in Class REDocumentControl respectively.
C# Web Viewing - Tips
C# developers may encounter the following circumstances when using Web Viewer SDK in C#.NET web imaging application. As for these circumstances, we provide some tips.
  • End users may upload document or image files to view. In this case, the C#.NET web viewer project will cache the files, and use LoadFile(string filePath, string fid) to locate the cached file to view. This case is in default in the demo project.
  • Load file from the content management system on the server where you deploy your C#.NET web project. You may use urls to locate document files in the server.
    The method public void LoadFileFromUrl() in Default.aspx.cs can be used to customize your option.
  • Document source can sometimes be stream or byte array that is transmitted via Internet or obtained from a database system. In these circumstances, you may use LoadFile(Stream stream, string fid) or LoadFile(byte[] array, string fid) to customize LoadFileFromUpload() method within Default.aspx.cs file to meet your need.
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