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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

Image Processing Add-on from RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET offers easy-to-use APIs for C# developers to edit and manipulate image file in .NET class applications. Written in managed C# code and built in .NET Framework 2.0, this C# document image processing SDK is specifically designed for .NET developers and compatible with both ASP.NET web services and Windows Forms application.
In the following context, we offer you a brief feature list of this C#.NET image processor SDK.
  • Basic Processing Functions - crop, paste, resize, rotate and flip images and documents
  • Deskew - correct the document image angle automatically using C# code
  • Despeckle - remove or clean-up small specks or noise from image in C#.NET application
  • Color Reduction - reduce document image color to grayscale in C#.NET image programming project
  • Hole Punches Removal - automatically find and remove hole punches from image
  • Border Removal - automatically find and remove the black borders from image
  • Line Removal - find and remove the horizontal and vertical lines from image
  • Brightness Adjustment - change the Brightness, Intensity, and Contrast of image
  • Smooth Effect - find and smooth the bumps and fills in document image by C# code
  • Color Component Selection - select one color component from image file by C# code
  • Image Sharpening - perform image sharpening effect to strengthen image visual impression
  • Antique Effect - add old photo or vintage effect to source image file using C# code
  • Solarize - help C# developers solarize an image object in .NET class application
C# Image Manipulating & Processing Functions
RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is a professional and fully-featured .NET imaging toolkit, which owns advanced and mature image processing functions. Here we demonstrate those robust image manipulating functions in following table and each function is linked to a detailed C#.NET online guidance.
C# Image Resizing C# Image Flipping
C#.NET image resizer / resizing control SDK for how to resize image, picture or photo to any size quickly and in high quality using C# code. Following the link, you will find a detailed online guidance on how to mirror, flip, reflect or invert source image using C# programming code.
C# Image Cropping C# Create Thumbnail
Professional C# image cropping toolkit SDK; how to crop or cut out certain part of source image file in a C# programming way. This online tutorial page offers sample C# code for developers to create thumbnail image (an image's small version) in .NET.
C# Image Rotating C# Create Watermark
100% managed .NET solution for how to rotate image file with 1 degree increment using C# image rotating control SDK. Robust and thread-safe .NET watermarking utility for how to add text & graphics watermarks to target document image file using C#.
C# Image Scaling
RasterEdge C# image scaling SDK offers an effective method to scale (enlarge or reduce) image size using Visual C# programming code.
What should be noted here is that before you use this C#.NET image processing add-on, please make sure your C#.NET developing environment is compatible with that of RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET (Visual Studio 2005 or above and .NET Framework 2.0 or above). Besides, make sure you have read the tutorial for how to activate the evaluation license key.
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