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How to C#: Create a WinForms Control

To View Images in WinForm Application

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With XImage.Raster SDK library, you can create an image viewer and view image on WinForm application conveniently.

View Image Settings

When you scan an image, you can view the image by different properties. What you can set are supported as follows.

Image Showing

  Horizontal Alignment

        The valid value is left, right and center.

  Vertical Alignment

        The valid value is left, right and center.

  Size Mode

        The valid value is BestFit, FitWidth, FitHeight, FullSize, OriginalSize, ZoomSize.

Zoom Value

        The range of the value is 0.01F ~ 100F.

Back Color

       You can set the color with any value that is supported by system color.

Create a C# WinForm Application

By following steps below, you can create an image viewer WinForm Application.

Open or create a new WinForms application, add necessary dll library to the project's reference.


Add a new Form Item to the project, and choose to design mode sign. Make the ToolBox view show.

Right click the ToolBox panel, and select "Choose Items...", in the .NET Framework Components tab of pop-up dialog, click "Browse..." button to navigate the "RasterEdge.XImage.Raster.WinFormsControl.dll", and make sure the "ImageView" and "ThumbnailView" is checked.

Now the RasterEdge image view control appears in the ToolBox. Just drag and drop the "ImageView" and "ThumbnailView" items to your new Form control.

To make the ThumbnailView connect to the ImageView, add the following code to the Form Initialize method.

If you dont want to code yourself, you can also use our Image Viewer Demo. Please try the “RasterEdge.Demo.XImage.Raster.exe” in the download package.

Sample Code (winformcontrol demo code):

public Form1()
     this.thumbnailView1.ThumbImageIndexChanged += new RasterEdge.XImage.Raster.WinFormsControl.ThumbImageIndexChangedEventHandler(thumbnailView1_ThumbImageIndexChanged);
void  thumbnailView1_ThumbImageIndexChanged(object sender,  RasterEdge.XImage.Raster.WinFormsControl.ThumbImageIndexChangedEventArgs e)
     ThumbnailItem item = e.ThumbItem;
     this.imageView1.ShowImage(item, false);