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C# PDF - Read Barcode on PDF in C#.NET

How to Scan 1D and 2D Barcodes on PDF Doc Page Using C# Code

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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C#.NET PDF Barcode Reader & Scanner Control from RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is a professional barcode detecting and decoding library designed specifically for linear and 2d barcode reading, scanning and recognition from PDF document files in C#.NET class applications.
C#.NET PDF Barcode Reader - Main Features
  • Read & scan most 1d and 2d barcodes from PDF document using C# code
  • Detect & decode barcode from whole or partial PDF document page using C#.NET
  • Recognize barcode from PDF document and return decoded barcode value to data string
  • Speed up barcode reading rate from PDF by limiting detected barcode number using C# code
  • Support multi-threaded barcode recognition from PDF with high performance
  • Recognized barcode value will be returned with 100% accuracy
C#.NET PDF Barcode Reading - Process & APIs

Process of Scanning & Reading Barcode on PDF Doc Page

C#.NET project developers and end users have to finish following two procedures in order to read and decode barcode from certain PDF page in C#.NET.
  • First, you need to get the PDFPage from a PDFDocument
  • And then, you are supposed to convert PDFPage to REImage
  • Finally, specify the barcode type, offset and number to read
What is PDFPage: PDFPage means an abstraction from PDF document page included in PDFDocument. It is from REPage, which stands the highest level and contains all kinds of pages abstraction contained in RasterEdge supported document abstraction, for example, PDFPage & PDFDocument, TIFFPage & TIFFDocument.
What is PDFDocument: It derives from super class REDocument and acts as a programmatic abstraction of PDF document containing all document information such as pages in the document.

C# APIs for Scanning & Reading Barcode on PDF Doc Page

BaseImage PDFPage.ToImage();
void BarcodeScanner.Scan(REImage img, BarcodeType type);
void BarcodeScanner.ScanRegions(REImage img, BarcodeType type, Setting setting);
C#.NET PDF Barcode Reading - Barcodes Supported
From following table list, users can be aware of all the supporting barcode types of C# PDF Barcode Reading library. Furthermore, users are supposed to link each barcode symbology to get the corresponding detail C# demo code and online tutorial.
C# PDF Data Matrix Barcode Decoder C# PDF Interleaved 2 of 5 Decoding
Professional 2d Data Matrix barcode detecting and recognizing library control for barcode reading from PDF document file. Read Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode from PDF document in C# code using RasterEdge .NET barcode reader control.
PDF-417 Barcode Reading from PDF in C# ISBN Barcode Scanning from C# PDF
How to detect, read and recognize 2d PDF 417 barcode from PDF document in C#.NET class applications. C#.NET PDF ISBN barcode scanner and reader library from RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET.
QR Code Barcode Scanner for C# PDF ISSN Reading from C# PDF
Highly-rated API for 2D QR Code barcode reading and recognition from PDF document using C#.NET code. How to read and decode ISSN barcode from PDF document in C#.NET class application.
Australia Post Reading from C# PDF ITF-14 Reading from C# PDF Page
Sample C# code demo is offered here for developers to decode all Australia Post barcodes from PDF document. How to read and recognize linear ITF-14 barcode from PDF document file page using C#.NET code.
C# PDF Codabar Barcode Scanning C#.NET Leitcode Barcode Scanning
Tutorial for Codabar barcode detecting and reading from PDF document file using C#.NET. Read & decode Leitcode barcode from PDF document file page using simple C# code.
C# Code 39 Barcode Recognition from PDF C# Patch Code Recognition from PDF
C#.NET PDF barcode reader from can accurately decode Code 39 from PDF using C# demo code. RasterEdge barcode scanner control for PDF document can easily decode Patch Code from C# project PDF file.
Detect Code 93 Barcode from PDF in C# Detect PLANET Barcode from PDF in C#
How to detect and decode all Code 93 barcodes from defined area of PDF document using C#. How to recognize PLANET barcode from whole or partial page of PDF file using C# code.
Read Code 128 Barcode from C# PDF Read POSTNET Barcode from C# PDF
Method and C# code for 1d Code 128 barcode reading & scanning from PDF document. Read POSTNET barcode with C# PDF POSTNET barcode reader and decoder control for C#.NET project PDF barcode reading.
Scan EAN-8 Barcode from C# PDF Scan RM4SCC Barcode from C# PDF
How to read EAN-8 barcodes from C# application PDF and return barcode values accurately. C#.NET PDF linear barcode scanner and decoder for RM4SCC barcode reading on PDF page.
Decode EAN-13 Barcode from C# PDF Decode UPC-A Barcode from C# PDF
Sample C# code demo to decode and read all EAN-13 barcodes from PDF document in .NET. 100% .NET UPC-A barcode reader and recognition solution for C# PDF barcode recognition.
C# PDF Identcode Barcode Reader C# PDF UPC-E Barcode Reader
Guide to read & decode Identcode barcode from PDF document using C#.NET. Fast and reliable C#.NET PDF UPC-E linear barcode scanner control.
C# PDF Intelligent Mail Reading
How to detect and decode one or multiple Intelligent Mail barcode(s) from PDF document page using C#.NET code.

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