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Convert PDF to Text
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C# PDF - Convert PDF to Text in C#.NET

C# PDF to Text (TXT) Converting Library to Convert PDF to Text

PDF to Text Conversion Overview

Professional PDF to text converting library from RasterEdge PDF document conversion SDK provides reliable and effective .NET solution for Visual C# developers to convert PDF document to editable & searchable text file. Different from other C# .NET PDF to text conversion controls, RasterEdge C# PDF to text converter control toolkit can convert PDF document to text file with good formatting.

Comparison with some other PDF tools convert PDF to text by a method loses the original PDF document layout and all the paragraphs are joining together, our C# PDF to text converter SDK successfully distinguishes itself from those existing PDF to text conversion software based on its good outputted text file quality.  The outputted text file, converted by our C# PDF to text converting library, is separated by page and all the paragraphs are well retained with nice formatting.

More details about C# PDF to Text Converter Control:

Mature C# PDF to text converting library, designed specifically for .NET developers

Support converting each source PDF document page to separate text file using C# code

All text content of target PDF document can be extracted and saved as new text file with good formatting

In addition, RasterEdge also provides other industry-leading methods to convert target PDF document to other editable file formats using Visual C# code, such as, PDF to HTML converter assembly, PDF to Word converter assembly and PDF to PNG converter control.

Use PDF to Text Converter Control in C#.NET

In this part, we will tell C# developers how to use RasterEdge PDF to text converting library in Visual C# .NET class application. What should be noted here is that our PDF to text converting library is built in Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0. Thus, please make sure you have installed VS 2005 or above versions and .NET Framework 2.0 or greater.

Integrate following RasterEdge C#.NET PDF to text converter SDK dlls into your C#.NET project assemblies;



Activate the evaluation license key for RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET and place activated txt license file at your C# project bin folder;

Now you can convert source PDF document to text file using the C# demo code we have offered below.

How to Convert PDF to Text Using C#

C# programming sample for PDF to text converting.

//  pdf convert to txt
DocumentConverter.ToDocument(@"C:\test.pdf", @"C:\test.txt", FileType.TXT);