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C#.NET PDF Document Viewer
RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET has a sharp edge over other .NET, C#.NET imaging toolkits available on the market based on its fully-featured functions and easy-to-use characteristics. The PDF document manipulating add-on from RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is equipped with the capacity to help Visual C#.NET developers create mature and advanced PDF document viewer in both website and windows applications.
Built in .NET developing platform and written in managed C# code, this C#.NET PDF document viewing & reading library control can be easily and successfully integrated into HTML 5 ASP.NET web service application, Windows Forms application and mobile application.
The PDF document viewer & reader created by this C#.NET imaging toolkit can be used by developers for reliably & quickly PDF document viewing, PDF annotation and PDF document processing in applications which are built based on .NET Framework 2.0 and above.
Apart from PDF document viewing & reading functions, our RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is also available for reading & viewing other common document & image files in C#.NET class applications. If you are still interested in other image and document viewers, please link to TIFF Web Viewer, TIFF Windows Viewer, Word Web Viewer, Word Windows Viewer, Image Web Viewer and Image Windows Viewer. Or you may directly have a quick evaluation of .NET Web Document Viewer Control through online demo.
Now please have a look at the layout of this C#.NET PDF document viewer overview page.
  • Features of C#.NET PDF document viewer & reader
  • C#.NET document viewer creating requirement
  • How to create PDF Web viewer and PDF Windows viewer using C#.NET
Features of C#.NET PDF Document Viewer
  • Support scanned or not PDF, PDF/A in C#.NET web viewing application
  • Quickly open & load 1000+ PDF document pages in C#.NET Web Viewer
  • Support thumbnail image and outline preview for quick PDF document page navigation
  • Support rendering web viewer PDF document to images or svg file
  • Free to convert viewing PDF document to TIFF file for document management
  • Offer rich annotation support for marking & highlighting PDF document using C#
  • Modified web PDF document, like with annotations, can be saved in native file format
  • Eaisly save and print designed PDF document using C# code
  • PDF document viewer can be created in C# Web Forms, Windows Form and mobile applications
Requirements for Creating PDF Viewer
As RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is developed in .NET Framework 2.0 within Visual Studio 2005, thus, you need to make sure your PDF document developing environment is compatible with the minimum installation requirement of this C#.NET PDF document viewer control. Here we list the system components that should be installed in order to implement this C#.NET PDF document viewer and reader control.
  • Windows XP or later Windows operating systems
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or later versions
  • .NET Framework version 2.0 and above
Creating C# PDF Web / Windows / Mobile Viewer
Specifically designed for .NET applications, this C#.NET PDF document viewing & reading control can be used in three different .NET projects, like ASP.NET web site, .NET Windows Forms and mobile applications.
C#.NET PDF Document Web Viewer C#.NET PDF Document Mobile Viewer
This C#.NET PDF document viewer control can be seamlessly integrated into ASP.NET web developing applications, which allow developers to read, collaborate, edit and print PDF document using .NET-compliant programming language C#. This C#.NET PDF document viewer control is compatible with iOS and Android mobile systems. It empowers mobile programmers to quickly integrate mature PDF manipulation functions into mobile applications, like read, annotate, process and save PDF document.
C#.NET PDF Document Windows Viewer
RasterEdge .NET PDF document viewer library enables C#.NET developers to create PDF Windows viewer for PDF document viewing, annotating, redacting, saving and printing in Visual C#.NET Windows Forms projects.

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