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C# PDF - Modify PDF Page Using C#

XDoc.PDF Allows C# Developers to Perform Advanced Processing Features on PDF Pages

C#.NET PDF Page Modifier Control Overview

RasterEdge C#.NET PDF document editor SDK, XDoc.PDF, offers robust features to support all your PDF document or PDF page processing needs. In this article, we will mainly talk about its page modifying functions. Following is a benefits list of C#.NET PDF page modifier control.

Powerful .NET SDK that can be integrated into ASP.NET web applications, Windows programs and Console applications

Easily manipulate multi-page PDF document file with page inserting, deleting and re-ordering functions

Process PDF document pages using C#.NET code, without depending on any product from Adobe

Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, VS 2008, VS 2010 and VS 2012

XDoc.PDF enalbes C# users to do multiple manipulations on PDF file pages. Various page processing aspects can be achieved, see as below. Please note that, PDF page number starts from 0.

Insert New Empty PDF Page(s) from a File

Delete Exsiting PDF Pages

Move PDF Pages Position

Copy and Paste Pages from Exsiting PDF

Rotate a PDF File Page

How to C#: Edit and Manipulate PDF Pages

C# Guide for Inserting New Empty Page(s) from a File

C# Guide for Deleting Pages

C# Guide for Sorting Pages

Provides you with examples for adding an (empty) page to a PDF and adding empty pages to a PDF from a supported file format, with customized options.  

You may feel free to define some continuous PDF pages and delete. Certainly, random pages can be deleted from PDF file as well.

RasterEdge XDoc.PDF allows you to easily move PDF document pages position, including sorting pages and swapping two pages.

C# Guide for Copying and Pasting Pages

C# Guide for Rotating Page

You can use specific APIs to copy and get a specific page of PDF file; you can also copy and paste pages from a PDF document into another PDF file.

PDF document page can be rotated to 90, 180, and 270 in clockwise. Both a single page and whold file pages can be rotated and saved as required.