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C# PDF - Print PDF Document in C#.NET

PDF Document Printer API SDK for Visual C# .NET Class Applications

C# PDF Printing Overview

RasterEdge PDF document printing library control SDK is a standalone and easy-to-use API which allows C# developers to send a source PDF document file to an actual physical printer device from any .NET web server-based or Windows Forms application. Therefore, this C#.NET PDF document printer API SDK can successfully automate target PDF document file printing.

Apart from the basic PDF document printing function, RasterEdge Visual C# .NET PDF document printer library toolkit also owns other printing options, like number of copies, PDF document printing orientation, PDF document printing paper size and PDF document printing resolution.

Thus, using this professional and fully-featured PDF document printing SDK, .NET developers can easily create a custom web-based client-server printing application or a custom Windows Forms project that owns both common and advanced PDF document printing features. Please refer to following steps to have a quick evaluation.

C#.NET PDF Document Printing Dlls

Here we provide you guidance on how to use RasterEdge C# .NET PDF document printing add-on for high-quality and fast PDF file printing.

Make sure you have installed Visual Studio 2005 (or above versions) and .NET Framework 2.0 (or greater versions);

Add following dlls from C#.NET PDF document printer SDK to your C# project references;









Get evaluation license key of RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET and place it in the bin folder where above integrated dlls are located;

You can print PDF document using the demo C# code we has offered below.

Print PDF Pages Using C# Code

C# programming sample for printing pdf pages.

PDFPrinterOption printerOption = new PDFPrinterOption();
            PDFPrinter.Print(@"C:\1.pdf", printerOption);