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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

PDF Document Add-On in C# Project
C#.NET PDF Document Add-On from RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is a mature and reliable third-party imaging toolkit, designed particularly for manipulating and managing single-page and multi-page PDF document. This PDF Document Add-On provides Visual C#.NET developers with various APIs to read, create, convert and annotate PDF document from local file or byte stream in C#.NET class applications.
This C#.NET PDF Document Reading Add-On is featured with rich, advanced & mature PDF manipulating & processing functionalities. Please view the list below.
  • Open or load a PDF document from local file or byte array from database
  • Capable of creating and saving PDF document file through C# programming
  • Able to view PDF document at Web Viewer and Windows Forms Viewer
  • Able to render PDF document to raster image file (like GIF, TIFF & BMP) using C# code
  • Offer rich text and graphical annotation support for highlighting and marking PDF file
  • Support converting PDF document into other file types, like Word and vector image (SVG) using C#.NET
  • Empower developers to read, add, edit and delete metadata of PDF document in C# class
  • Provide practical C# page processing functionalities for better managing of multi-page PDF
  • Own 1d & 2d barcode generating and reading functions for PDF tracking and management
  • Support adding image and watermark to loaded PDF document using C# code
Detail C# Guide for PDF Doc Add-On Functions
Developed in .NET Framework platform, this mature PDF Document Reading & Manipulating Add-On is applicable for both server-based and desktop applications using C#. The following chart is a function list of this C#.NET PDF Document Add-On.
Start to Create, Load, Save PDF in C# PDF Text Extraction in C# Program
From this article, you can find guidance on how to create a PDF document, load a PDF from an existing PDF file or stream and save created PDF back to local file or stream in C#. Follow this link and you can find detailed guidance and sample C# code for text extraction from whole page or certain defined area of scanned PDF document.
C#.NET PDF Document Viewer PDF Page Processing in C#.NET
RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET supports viewing & displaying PDF document at three different platforms, e.g., ASP.NET Web Viewer, Windows Forms Viewer and Mobile Viewer. From this tutorial page, you can find rich PDF document page processing methods, like how to add, delete, rotate & reorder PDF document pages through C#.NET programming.
PDF Annotation in C# Project C# PDF Document Image Extraction
This article aims at providing you with C# sample code and working demos on how to add text and graphic annotations to PDF document. Here is a detailed tutorial that demonstrates how to extract images or graphics from your target PDF document in C#.NET application.
PDF Rendering & Converting in C# Read Barcode from C# PDF Page
This page provides detailed guidance on the conversion between PDF and other document files & raster image file formats using C# class. C# demo code can be found in this tutorial page, which can be used to read & recognize 1d & 2d barcodes from loaded PDF document in .NET.
PDF Image Compression in C# Project PDF Barcode Creating Guide in C#
This tutorial page is used to provide practical PDF image compression and decompression methods for C#.NET PDF applications. Developers can refer to this C# guide page to generate linear and 2d barcodes on PDF document page using C#.NET class.
PDF Metadata Reading & Writing in C# Add Watermark to PDF Page Using C#
This article will show you how to view, edit and save PDF document metadata using C#.NET. It is easy for you to add watermark to PDF document page with this step-by-step C# tutorial.
This page is an overview of .NET PDF Reading & Manipulating Add-On functions in C# projects. If you are a VB.NET developer, please go to PDF Reading & Manipulating for VB.NET. Want to view PDF document in WinForms or Web application, please go to Read PDF in WinForms and Web PDF Document Image Reading. Also, we provide C# Excel Reading & Manipulating Guide & C# PowerPoint Reading & Processing Guide
Besides, here is the online tutorial of VB.NET PDF document reading SDK library.

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