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C# TIFF - Convert TIFF to JPEG in C#.NET

High Quality C# Demo to Convert TIFF to JPEG in C#.NET Project

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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C#.NET Image: TIFF to JPEG Overview
Based on the core technology of RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK, RasterEdge .NET TIFF Converting and Rendering controls are powerful enough for fulfilling users' needs to convert single or multi-page TIFF file to JPEG images with its mature and robust TIFF imaging converting APIs in C#.NET class. Except TIFF to JPEG, RasterEdge .NET TIFF Converting component also can be applied to transform TIFF to BMP, PNG, GIF, PDF and Word formats in C#.NET, as well as VB.NET, ASP.NET & .NET WinForms projects.
From this tutorial page, our users are supposed to get:
  • Comprehensive functions list of converting TIFF document to JPEG image within C#.NET library
  • Embedded .NET assemblies for TIFF converting to JPEG in C#.NET class control
  • C# APIs and demo codes for rendering and converting TIFF to JPEG format
  • Full TIFF imaging conversion functions in .NET environments
C#.NET Image: TIFF to JPEG Rendering Functions List
  • Use TIFF to JPEG conversion on its own or as a part of powerful RasterEdge .NET Imaging Converting SDK
  • Professional TIFF converting SDK for TIFF to raster JPEG image or other vector image formats
  • Support opening TIFF document pages with C#.NET RasterEdge TIFF decoder tools
  • C# demo code to convert single TIFF file page to JPEG image in a few seconds
  • TIFF document batch conversion operations are available in C#.NET
  • Complete image processing solutions for converted JPEG image within RasterEdge imaging manipulating toolkit
  • Specific transformed JPEG image processing functions are: deskewing, despeckling, color reduction, smooth effecting, etc.
  • Easy to store the converted JPEG images to a repository in C#.NET
  • Easy to find the saved JPEG image through simple search
TIFF Converting to JPEG Assemblies Group in C#
Before users can apply TIFF to JPEG function, you need to integrate following references to your C#.NET imaging project.
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll: the fundamental imaging SDK library for all image and document core and add-on functions within .NET Framework
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF.dll: offers users with advanced multi-page TIFF viewing and editing APIs and methods, for instances, TIFF document viewers creating, TIFF image barcode encoder & decoder, TIFF page rendering and more.
Entire APIs and Sample Codes in C# for TIFF to JPEG
This part is prepared to demonstate how to use unique and reliable RasterEdge TIFF rendering and conversion APIs and demo codes in C# to convert any specfic TIFF document to JPEG form.
Addtionally, users may note that two classes are used here: TIFFDocument & TIFFPage. TIFFDocument is an abstraction of TIFF document which is a branch of REDocument. And it contains all TIFF document information, including TIFF pages. While TIFFPgae stands for all the TIFF file pages and derives from REPage - the super class for entire pages model contained in RasterEdge supported document abstraction, for example, TIFFPage and TIFFDocument.

TIFF to JPEG Rendering & Converting APIs

We provide following APIs for rendering TIFF document to RE images and converting TIFF pages to JPEG images in C#.
/// Firstly, render TIFF document to get a REImage collection, or choose specific TIFF page to render	
BasePage TIFFDocument.GetPage(int pageIdx);
BaseImage TIFFPage.toImage();
BaseImage TIFFPage.toImage(int width, int height);
TIFFDocument(List<REImage> imagesource);

/// Secondly, convert TIFFs to JPEG images using following TIFF conversion API
void REImage.Convert(Stream s, ImageFormat format);

C#.NET Image: C# Code to Convert TIFF to JPEG

With following complete C# sample codes on how to convert TIFF document to JPEG image, users can work out your own customized TIFF to JPEG program in a simplest way. And if you want to do more JPEG image processing after the converting, please link to image processing & manipulation in C#.NET to get more detailed help on image processing functions like displayed in "TIFF to JPEG feature list".
/// <summary>
/// Convert TIFF to images of JPEG format
/// </summary>
/// <param name="TiffFilePath"></param>
/// <returns></returns>
public List<Stream> ConvertTIFFtoJPEG(string TiffFilePath)
// A list of stream which contains the image data of the JPEG image.
List<Stream> buffer = new List<Stream>();

TIFFDocument doc = new TIFFDocument(TiffFilePath);
for (int i = 0; i < doc.GetPageCount(); i++)
TIFFPage page = (TIFFPage)doc.GetPage(i);

REImage temp = (REImage)page.ToImage();
MemoryStream imageStream = new MemoryStream();
if (temp != null)
temp.Convert(imageStream, ImageFormat.Jpeg);


return buffer;
Full TIFF Conversion Functions in .NET Applications
Using the powerful RasterEdge .NET Imaging Converting SDK, users will have an easiest work on converting TIFF to other image & document formats listed below as well as further image or document processing in other .NET projects.

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