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C# TIFF - Split Multi-page TIFF File in C#.NET

C# Guide for How to Use TIFF Processing DLL to Split Multi-page TIFF File

C# Image: Split Multi-page TIFF File Overview

RasterEdge .NET Tiff processing toolkit, XDoc.Tiff for .NET, supplies robust and reliable Tiff file pages splitting solution for users to divide loaded Tiff document or create customized Tiff splitting application in C#.NET class library. RasterEdge .NET Tiff imaging DLL also allows C# users to pre-process Tiff document, like Tiff file creating, loading, merging, and splitting. Besides, Tiff image file saving is also available based on well-compiled Tiff imaging technology.

C# Project Multi-page TIFF File Splitting Features

Supported by RasterEdge .NET Tiff imaging DLL control

Provide flexible Tiff document page splitting method for C# class application

Easy to define and adjust page number for Tiff file splitting

Support high-speed Tiff document splitting and saving in your Visual C# program

Store split Tiff files to disk or memory as you wish

How to Split Multi-page TIFF in C# Project

Add references;









Use corresponding namespaces;

  using RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic;

  using RasterEdge.Imaging.Raster.Core;

  using RasterEdge.XDoc.TIFF;

C# developers are capable of splitting multi-page TIFF file into two or more single or multi-page Tiff documents by using provided API. Please see demo below to get detailed instruction. Please note, your Tiff image file page number is suggested to be more than 5.

// Define output Tiff image files.
            string[] outputPaths = new string[] { @"C:\output1.tif", @"C:\output2.tif" };

            // Split demo.tif (file page number should be more than 5) into two files and save as output1.tif and output2.tif.
            TIFFDocument.SplitDocument(@"C:\demo1.tif", 2, outputPaths);