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C# TIFF - Extract Text from TIFF File in C#.NET

Complete C# .NET Tutorial for How to Extract Text from TIFF File

C# Extract Text from TIFF File Overview

Using RasterEdge XDoc.Tiff for .NET and .NET OCR SDK, C# programmers can implement high performance text extraction from Tiff image file. Mature and reliable .NET APIs for extracting text from Tiff file in Visual C# .NET project are well-designed and provided. Moreover, text content, style, and format of original Tiff image can be retained during extraction.

By simply integrating our .NET SDKs, C# users can easily add and perform text extraction functionality into .NET Tiff image processing application. If you've already add respective DLL assemblies into your C# project as references, you may directly have a quick test by using the following C# sample code.

C# Code to Extract Certain Page Text from Multi-page TIFF

The following C# coding example demonstrates how to extract the first page text from a multi-page TIFF file, and then save the result as a text file. Certainly, you may also render it to a PDF, Word or SVG file.

// Set the training data path. Please put eng.traineddata (for english) under the path specified.

// Set supported language. You can also set this attribute in OCRPage or OCRZone.

// Load Tiff document.
TIFFDocument doc = new TIFFDocument(filePath);

// Load the first page to recongnize.
TIFFPage page = (TIFFPage)doc.GetPage(0);

// Import the page to recoginze.
OCRPage oPage = OCRHandler.Import(page);
String outputTxt = @"tiffpage0.txt";

// Save ocr result as other documet formats, like txt, pdf, and svg.
oPage.SaveTo(MIMEType.TXT, outputTxt);