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Get Device Object Through Acquisition
Get Device Object Through Acquisition
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C# TWAIN - Control Acquisition with Device Object

C# TWAIN Scanning: How to Obtain Device Object from Acquisition Object

C# TWAIN: Get Device Object Through Acquisition Overview

This C#.NET TWAIN SDK is designed to assist in image acquisition and TWAIN image scanning process control in C#.NET application. The Acquisition object is the main class in RETwain and it enables developers to realize basic image acquisition, image saving to file or image conversion to TWAIN device supported image formats. If you want to achieve better control over the acquisition process, you may need the Device object that generates from methods from Acquisition object APIs. You can get Device object through methods from Acquisition object class. Using Device object, it is able to open and close connection to TWAIN device, check all properties of the TWAIN device, customize scanning size and location, finish scanning from Console based application or scan multiple pages into a single PDF file.

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We have provided DLLs and licenses you need for applying this C#.NET TWAIN SDK into your application to control TWAIN image acquisition with the Device object on this guide page. You can also find detailed APIs and C# demo code for obtaining the Device object from Acquisition object in order to customize the TWAIN image scanning process for specific purpose on this page. If you want to know more information on TWAIN device control in C#.NET application, you may read the last part of this page carefully.

Completely compliant with .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions, this C#.NET TWAIN SDK can be used to obtain Device object from methods in the Acquisition object class. To use it in your C#.NET project created in Visual Studio 2005 or later versions, you may have to make some preparations. For example, you need to install TWAIN in your system in the first place. And there should be leastwise one device that fully supports TWAIN.

C# TWAIN: DLLs and Licenses Needed

The following dlls are required for C#.NET TWAIN image scanning project, which enable C# users easily obtain the Device object through Acquisition object so as to use the Device object to get better control over TWAIN image acquisition process.











To use the above dlls in business applications, you need to purchase .NET Core SDK license and RasterEdge TWAIN Add-On license at least. Please pay attention that one license can only be used by a single developer. For more developers, additional licenses should be purchased according to the number of developers. For server applications, the server license(s) should be purchased. After you purchasing the license(s) correctly, we will send you the license key by E-mail as soon as possible.

C# TWAIN: APIs for Controlling Process with Device Object

Detailed C# APIs are provided here to guide you control C#.NET TWAIN image acquisition process with the Device object. After obtaining the Device object, it is possible to realize featured scanning process easily.

Device Acquisition.GetDevice(String deviceName);
Device Acquisition.ShowSelectSource();

C# TWAIN: Demo for Getting Device Object Through Acquisition

C#.NET demo code below can be used to obtain the Device object from Acquisition object class with high accuracy.

// Get Device Object Through Acquisition
public Device GetDevice()
   Acquisition acq = new Acquisition();
   return acq.ShowSelectSource();