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C# TWAIN - Quick to Start Using XImage.Twain SDK

To Have a Quick Evaluation of XImage.Twain Scanning in Visual C# Windows Application

This page is mainly designed for C# users have a quick evaluation of RasterEdge XImage.Twain scanning function, Please refer to the guide below to come into operation.

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Create a C# Windows Application

Open Visual Studio and click "New" from toolbar. Note, Visual Studio 2005 and above versions are available;

Choose "C# Language" and "Windows Application" respectively to create a project.

Automatic Scanning for C# TWAIN Capturing Application in C#.NET

By following steps below, your C# project are able to read EAN-13 from PDF document.

Add necessary XImage.Raster DLL libraries into your created C# application as references.











Use namespaces:





Copy of the following C# sample code to your application.

public void AutomaticScanning(Device device)
   device.AutoScan = true;

   acquisition.ImageAcquired += new ImageAcquiredEventHandler(acquisition_ImageAcquired2);

   acquisition.AcquireFinished += new EventHandler(acquisition_AcquireFinished);

   acquisition.AcquireCanceled += new EventHandler(acquisition_AcquireCanceled);

   // start an auto capture to capture 10 image.time gap between every two captures is 1 second.
   device.StartAutomaticCapture(@"c:\CapturedImage\", 1, 1, 10);

static void acquisition_AcquireCanceled(object sender, EventArgs e)
   Console.Out.WriteLine("Acqusition Canceled");

static void acquisition_AcquireFinished(object sender, EventArgs e)
   Console.Out.WriteLine("Acquisition Finished");

static void acquisition_ImageAcquired2(object sender, ImageAcquiredEventArgs e)
   //do something here.