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C# TWAIN - TWAIN Scanning in C# Overview

C#.NET TWAIN Scanning Overview, Basic Classes and Related C# Guides

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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C#.NET TWAIN Scanning Overview
TWAIN is a widely-used industry standard that helps you scan image using a physical scanner and directly send the scanned image to the application where you can view, convert, process, annotate and edit the source image file. To put it in another way, TWAIN regulates the communication between application and digital imaging devices, like scanners and digital camera. Nowadays, when you buy a scanner, you will find there is TWAIN in the software package. In some popular image manipulation programs, like Photoshop, TWAIN may exist as an integrated part.
RasterEdge .NET TWAIN Scanning Control Add-on for C#.NET is a software development kit (SDK) that is designed to provide various advanced and mature TWAIN scanning techniques for C#.NET imaging applications. Here we briefly list the main features of this C#.NET TWAIN scanning control add-on.
  • Professional .NET TWAIN Scanning Add-on, providing standard and advanced image acquisition capabilities for C#.NET application
  • Allow C#.NET developers to customize TWAIN image scanning process with robust classes
  • Offer methods for C#.NET developers to query what capabilities are supported by target device
  • Able to capture and acquire raw images from input devices using Visual C#.NET programming code
  • Easy to save scanned image to PC local file in the form of desired image file, like JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP
  • Support scanning many Pages into a single file in C#.NET project, like PDF and TIFF
C#.NET TWAIN Scanning Basic Classes
To help you have a better and quicker grasp of our .NET TWAIN Scanning Add-on, we here expressly illustrate its two basic classes, which can be used in C#.NET program.

C# TWAIN Class: Acquisition

Acquisition object is the primary class in RETwain. C#.NET programmers can drop this .NET component onto a Form after adding it to VS Toolbox, or instantiate it directly. This is the only class you need to add standard image acquisition capabilities to C#.NET TWAIN image scanning application. For greater control over TWAIN image acquisition process, this class contains a collection of Device objects that control numerous properties used for image acquisition.

C# TWAIN Class: TWAINDevice

TWAINDevice object provides full access to a TWAIN compatible source on the system. C#.NET users can use it to open a connection to a TWAIN device, get and set properties, and then acquire one or more images. However, this class represents a system device resource and users cannot create an instance of it. Instead, in C#.NET TWAIN scanning application, users can obtain an instance to a Device object by calling GetAvailbleDevices, or from the Devices collection in the Acquisition object.
C#.NET TWAIN Scanning Online Guides
With RasterEdge.Imaging.Twain assembly, C#.NET programmers can acquire raw images from input devices like scanner and camera, query the capacities supported by TWAIN device, and set or alter scanning properties, if supported, for image acquisition process. Please see detailed online C# guides for using .NET TWAIN Scanning Add-on.
Note: Since our .NET Twain Add-on is a dll that is built on official Twain driver, C#.NET programmers should install the official TWAINDSM.dll (provided in our dlls collection) manually before using RasterEdge.Imaging.Twain. Simply put TWAINDSM.DLL in x86 folder under the Windows System directory (normally C:\Windows\System32). On a 64bit system, please make sure TWAINDSM.DLL in x64 folder ends up in the WOW64 System directory (normally C:\Windows\SysWOW64).
Standard Acquisition for C# TWAIN Scanning
This C# guide tells users how to acquire image from TWAIN scanning project with designed class. Also, you may get information about saving acquired TWAIN image to file in C# and how to convert acquired image to other image file formats in C#.
Device Control for C# TWAIN Scanning
To help you have a better control over C# TWAIN image capturing and scanning process, we provide various methods to help you create a customized TWAIN image scanning application, including method to create a device object to get more detailed control over image acquisition process, method to open & close connection to TWAIN device, method to query all TWAIN device supported properties, method to set specific TWAIN scanning capacity and method to define the size and scanning area.
Examples for C# TWAIN Scanning
In this section, you will get detailed C# methods and demo codes for how to apply TWAIN scanning to Console application and how to use TWAIN scanning to scan many pages into one PDF document.
TWAIN Image Scanning in Other .NET Applications
Apart from C# TWAIN scanning, we also support embedding and applying .NET TWAIN Scanning Add-on to VB.NET class, ASP.NET web and .NET Windows Forms projects.

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