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C# Word - Convert Word to PDF in C#.NET

C#.NET Word to PDF Converter, Online Tutorial for Word to PDF Conversion

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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C# Word to PDF Conversion Overview
RasterEdge Word to PDF converter control SDK is a standalone document converting toolkit, which can easily convert Office Word document (.docx) to PDF file (.pdf) in C#.NET class application, without using any product from Microsoft or Adobe. The output PDF document (converted from source Word file) maintains the content, layout and formatting of original MS Office Word.
This C#.NET Word to PDF converting library toolkit is a robust and professional SDK that aims to achieve high-quality conversion between Word document and PDF file. Here we display some key features of this toolkit.
  • 100% managed & thread-safe C#.NET solution that converts Word to PDF preserving original content
  • Allow developers to select one Word page and convert it to PDF format using C# programming code
  • Able to convert a multi-page MS Word document to one PDF file directly with mature APIs
  • Offer royalty-free and flexible licenses for C# developers to convert Word to PDF document
From this C#.NET online tutorial page, you will get details of following aspects.
  • Necessary DLLs for Visual C#.NET Word to PDF document conversion
  • C#.NET APIs used to convert MS Office Word document to PDF file
  • Visual C# programming example for Word to PDF conversion in .NET class application
  • C#.NET Word to PDF converting library control FAQ
If you are involved in VB.NET program, please see online tutorial page how to convert Word to PDF using VB.NET programming code. Moreover, RasterEdge Word document converting SDK also designs professional and advanced Word document converting APIs for converting to other file formats. For example, if you are in need of rendering and converting MS Office Word to TIFF document, please see online guide C#.NET Word to TIFF conversion guide.
Use Mature .NET DLLs to Convert Word to PDF
Please firstly add following .NET document imaging DLLs into your Visual C# project references.
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.MSWordDocx.dll
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.PDF.dll
Use C#.NET APIs to Convert Word to PDF
RasterEdge offers robust .NET APIs for C#.NET developers to implement Word document conversion to PDF document.
// in DOCXDocument
public DOCXDocument(Stream stream);
public DOCXDocument (string fileName);
public void ConvertToDocument(DocumentType targetType, string filePath);
Use C# Code to Convert Word to PDF
The following C# programming example is used to illustrate how to render and convert a multi-page Word document file (2007 version) to one PDF document.
public static void ConvertWordToPDF(string sourceFilePath, string targetFilePath)
// register needed dll references to your C#.NET project
// this code needs only be invoked at the beginning of your prgram

// load Word document
DOCXDocument doc = new DOCXDocument(sourceFilePath);

// Convert Word to PDF and save to target file path
doc.ConvertToDocument(DocumentType.PDF, targetFilePath);
C#.NET Word to PDF Conversion FAQ
Q: I want to convert each Word document page to separate PDF format in C#.NET class application. Does your C#.NET Word to PDF converter SDK help me achieve this conversion?
A: Yes, RasterEdge C#.NET Word to PDF converter SDK is able to convert a specified Word page to a PDF file at a time. So, you can compile in C# program to meet your own need. Besides, the name of output PDF file is user-defined.

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