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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

MS Word Doc Processing SDK in C#.NET
Our C#.NET Word Document Add-on, integrated with our DocImage SDK for .NET, supports Word document loading, viewing, annotating, converting, processing, barcode creating & reading, etc. This Word document processing control for C#.NET enables developers to easily complete various Word document processing implementations using C# demo codes, such as add or delete Word document page, change Word document pages order, merge or split Word document(s), add image to Word document and extract pages from Word document.
C# MS Word Doc Processing SDK Function List
  • Simple to insert and delete single or batch pages in Word document in C#.NET
  • Able to sort order of Office Word document pages through C# programming
  • C# coding to merge / combine two or more Word documents into one
  • Use C#.NET project to split multi-page Word document into two sub-documents
  • Capable of adding and burning image on specific Word document page in C# class
  • Support extracting single page or multiple pages from Word document in C#.NET
  • Offer reasonably priced license for one time purchase and perpetual use of C# Word Processing SDK
APIs and C# Demo Codes for Word Processing
In order to help users achieve desired Word document processing effects in an easier and faster way, we provide APIs and C#.NET demo codes for all Word processing functions supported by our Word processing control for C#.NET. The following table has listed main supported Word processing functions with a brief introduction of each function. You may click the link to go to each Word document processing tutorial page to get corresponding API(s) and C# demo code.
Use C#.NET Project to Add and Burn Image on Word How to Sort Word Document Pages Order Using C# Class
Using our C#.NET Word document processing control, you are able to add and burn image of various formats (like bmp, gif & png) to Word document page at specified position through C# programming. Our C#.NET word processing control supports to sort the order of Word document pages in C#.NET application. For example, you may change your Word document order from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to 3, 5, 4, 2,1 with C# coding.
Able to Add & Insert Word Document Page in C#.NET How to Merge or Split Word Document(s) in C# Class
If you want to add or insert new page to Word document, you may use our C#.NET word processing control. Detail API(s) and C#.NET sample code are offered on this online Word document page inserting guide page. Sometimes, we may have a demand of merging two or more Word documents into one or splitting a multi-page Word document into two sub-documents. This C#.NET Word document processing control meets both Word document merging and splitting demands.
C# Example of Deleting Page in Word Document C#.NET Guide for Extracting Page(s) from Word Doc
For developers who want to delete unnecessary page from Word document, this C#.NET word processing control is quite necessary. It enables you to move out useless Word document pages simply with a few lines of C# code. You are capable of extracting pages from Microsoft Word document within C#.NET project for further application, for example, creating a new document with the extracted pages. Here is detailed guide that tells you how to extract pages from Word document with a simple C#.NET solution.
Other C#.NET Word Related Guides
In the above part, we have described main Word document processing in C#.NET together with guide links. There are also C#.NET guides for other Word document related operations. Please see as below.
More Word Tutorials in C# .NET

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