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How to Zoom Image and Document Page in Visual C# .NET Web Viewer

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C# Web Image and Document Zooming Overview
RasterEdge Web Document Viewer (for HTML5) is the best and fastest Visual C# .NET viewer control for images and documents, which offers outstanding high performance and delivers secure & customizable zooming function and other viewing capacities for your web documents and pictures.
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In the following sections, we will provide detailed explanation for the zooming features of RasterEdge Web Document Viewer. The zooming functionality of RasterEdge Visual C# .NET Web Viewer SDK is designed to help developers acquire the best document / image viewing experience on web browsers with corresponding APIs. Currently several image / file zooming methods are supported.
  • Zoom in image & document page with web viewer in Visual C# doc imaging project
  • Zoom out image & document page in Visual C# .NET web viewing application
  • Fit the current image & document page to the width of C# web viewer control
  • View the entire image & document page within Visual C# .NET web document viewer
  • Restore source web image & document page to the original size on your web browser
In addition, this C# .NET document image file zooming control can be easily integrated into all ASP.NET web applications, and it is compatible with most of the modern web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.
Furthermore, most of the commonly used documents and images can be loaded to this Web Document Viewer, such as png, jpeg (jpeg), gif, bmp (bitmap), tiff / multi-page tiff, PDF, etc. So it can meet your general requirements for image and file viewing and processing. Besides, this Web Document Viewer is developed with user-friendly and intuitive interface so you can zoom any image or file page with ease.
How to Zoom with C# Web Document Viewer
In this section, we will provide JavaScript APIs for Visual C# .NET developers to adjust the image & document page viewing size with this .NET web document viewer library control. If you are a Visual Basic .NET programmer, you can also use this .NET web document library to process and zoom web doc image in VB.NET project.

C#.NET: Zoom In Image & Document Page Online

ZoomIn: Using this JavaScript API, Visual C# .NET programmers can increase the current zoom percentage of the Web Document Viewer.
This "Zoom In" function allows users to enlarge target web image or document page with a simple button click. Users can be instantly enabled to zoom in source image or document page from 100% to 1000% in Visual C# .NET web document viewer.

C#.NET: Zoom Out Image & Document in Web Viewer

ZoomOut: This JavaScript API can be used to decrease the current zoom percentage of the Web Document Viewer.
Compared with "Zoom In" function, this "Zoom Out" functionality is aimed to help users reduce the size of source image or document page within C#.NET web document image viewer. And users are allowed to zoom out target image or document page from 100% to 10% in modern web browsers.

C#.NET: Fit Image & Document to Web Viewer Width

btnFitWidth: You can bind this JavaScript API to the onclick event of a button in order to adjust the displaying image or file page to the width of the current web doc viewer.
This "Fit Width" function is designed to help developer view source image or document page by adjusting the target file width to that of C# .NET web viewer. That is to say, if you trigger this function, the web viewer will instantly enlarge or reduce the source file until the file size fits the width of web viewer.

C#.NET: View Whole Image & Document Page Within Web Viewer

btnBestFit: This is the JavaScript API for displaying the entire page to the web document viewer.
This "Best Fit" function will help developers and users view & display target image or document page by fitting entire source file to the web viewer. To put it in another way, after you activate this zooming function, the C#.NET web viewer will automatically adjust the source file size, letting the whole document image file be exactly displayed within the viewer.

C#.NET: Display Image & Document Page at Its Real Size

btnOneToOne: In addition to btnFitWidth and btnBestFit APIs, we also enable C#.NET users to view web document page or image in its original size with btnOneToOne JavaScript API.
This "One to One" zooming function, if binding with button's onclick event within ASP.NET web image viewing project, can be used to help Visual C# developers restore the source image or document page to its original size.

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