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Create Customized Web Doc Viewer by Adding Your Own Command Using VB.NET

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

VB.NET Web Viewer Customization Using Own Command
The product positioning of this VB.NET document image viewer control SDK is to help developers create a user-friendly viewer in .NET Framework applications, like Web HTML doc viewer, Windows document image viewer and mobile document viewer, using which, Visual Basic developers can display several commonly used document & image files (PDF, Word, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc) and add some basic processing functions to target files.
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Different from other .NET document image viewer SDKs, RasterEdge .NET web viewer toolkit can not only allow VB.NET developers to perform basic document viewing, editing, annotating, printing and processing functions, but also offer them the ability to customize the functions and interface of created document image viewer using RasterEdge Web Viewer Control specific constructor and JavaScript APIs.
Therefore, to answer the question of how to create a customized online document image viewer by adding own command in VB.NET web application, we offer this online tutorial page for you.
Command Web Viewer with Constructor in VB.NET
RasterEdge VB.NET web image viewer library can be easily customized through WebDocumentViewer constructor which commands the initial behavior of web viewer, accepting different configuration properties in VB.NET. Six variables are free to be adjusted, including SessionId, DocHeight, DocWidth, ThumbHeight, ThumbWidth and -PageSizeType.
Note: VB.NET users don't need to further configure the value of ServerUrl variable and OpenFileUrl variable. One is a related path to this image viewer's web handler. And the other is a relative path to the page of browser server files.
Command Web Viewer with JavaScript APIs in VB.NET
In RasterEdge.js file folder, you will find several class objects like FileDocument, Viewer and Annotate Object. And many functions will be invoked through our designed JavaScript APIs. Below are the most commonly used JavaScript APIs, which enable you to command the web document image viewer control in VB.NET program.
  • AjaxFileUpload: upload the chosen document to the RasterEdge-Cache file of server and display
  • OpenFile: Browse to open the target file on the server.
  • PrintFile: print file through a click on the print button in web viewer toolbar
  • SaveFile: save file to the default local path or adjust save location in Default.cs
  • DownLoadFile: download the file after opening the saved file in the web viewer
  • UpPage: go to previous page of the currently displayed document or image file
  • DownPage: jump to the next page of the currently displayed document
  • ZoomIn: enlarge the image and document presented in the web document viewer
  • ZoomOut: downsize the image and document presented in the web document viewer
  • btnFitWidth: fit the displayed image and document page to the width of web image viewer
  • btnBestFit: present the image and document page in full view within web viewer
  • btnOneToOne: restore image and document to the original size in web viewer
  • AddPage: add a blank page before the currently displayed page
  • DeletePage: remove the currently presented page in web doc image viewer
  • btnRotate90: rotate web image or document page in display 90 degrees clockwise
  • btnRotate180: rotate loaded image or document page in display 180 degrees clockwise
  • btnRotate270: rotate image or document page in display 90 degrees counterclockwise
  • draw-annotation: add desired annotation object on displayed page in web document viewer
  • burnAnnotationToImages: permanently burn drawn annotation on page in web viewer
  • DeleteAnnotation: remove chosen annotation like (text annotation, rubber stamp annotation, etc) easily from image and document page
Other Commands for VB.NET Web Imaging Viewer
  • Command Web Viewer Toolbar: it is easy to change the location, size and function buttons of VB.NET web document image viewer toolbar, like deleting or adding a button on ASP.NET web document viewer toolbar.
  • Command Web Image Annotation Effect: VB.NET users can modify the related values in the Default.aspx file to adjust the annotation style, such as color, size, text and so on.
  • Command File Operation Within Web Doc Image Viewer: RasterEdge allows VB.NET developers to define the file loading, saving, downloading & uploading paths in Visual Basic .NET programming project.
To use our Web Viewer Control in VB.NET application for image and document viewing online, please firstly install Web Document Viewer in your VB.NET web project.

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