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Create Linear and 2D Barcode Images by Using VB.NET Code

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VB.NET Barcode Drawing on Image & Doc
Barcode has been widely used in manufacture industry for product tracking and management. In recently years, the application of linear and 2d barcode has been extended to the field of document image acquisition and management. And for most modern document management system, an efficient barcode generating and barcode reading solution becomes increasingly important. This VB.NET barcode creator add-on is designed to help developers integrate advanced barcode drawing features into their VB.NET imaging applications.
This VB.NET barcode creator SDK is a fully-featured and mature barcode generator SDK. Here we list the benefits of this powerful VB.NET barcode generator control SDK.
  • Professional .NET component that are written in 100% managed C# code and compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 & above
  • Support adding standard barcode images to commonly-used document files using VB.NET code, like PDF, TIFF and Word
  • Able to draw high-quality linear and 2d barcodes on image file formats using VB.NET, like png, jpge, gif, bmp and tiff
  • Created 30 + linear and 2d barcode images can be accurately read by all standard barcode readers
  • VB.NET programmers can easily define the location where the barcode will be created on source image or document
  • Industry-standard linear and 2d barcode with transparent background is also available
  • The rotation and resolution of created barcode images can be freely adjusted using VB.NET code
VB.NET Barcode Creator SDK Supported Types
Here we list all linear and 2d barcode types that can be created and inserted into image & document files using VB.NET barcode creator SDK.
VB.NET Add Data Matrix to Image & Doc VB.NET Identcode Barcode Writing on Image & Doc
Standard Data Matrix barcode can be accurately inserted into desired place of target document file using VB.NET. Guide to integrate advanced Identcode creating features into VB.NET imaging project.
VB.NET Draw Micro PDF 417 on Image & Doc VB.NET Intelligent Mail Barcoding on Image & Doc
Tutorial for creating Micro PDF 417 barcode on image files, PDF or Word documents by VB.NET. How to add Intelligent Mail to source image file for document management using VB.NET?
VB.NET Add Micro QR Code to Image & Doc VB.NET Interleaved 2 of 5 Barcoding on Image & Doc
Add mature Micro QR Code barcoding functions to VB.NET imaging project. Online VB tutorial on generating a customized Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode on image, PDF or Word.
VB.NET Create PDF 417 Barcode on Image & Doc VB.NET ISBN Barcode Generation on Image & Doc
Powerful PDF 417 barcode creating solution for all VB.NET imaging applications. Create ISBN barcode on image with the ability to adjust barcoding parameters using VB.NET.
VB.NET Draw QR Code on Image & Doc VB.NET ISSN Barcode Creating on Image & Doc
How to create highly readable QR Code barcode on image or document file using VB.NET programming code? Barcode creator SDK to write & customize ISSN barcode generation in VB.NET imaging project.
VB.NET Generate Codabar Barcode on Image & Doc VB.NET Generate ITF-14 Barcode on Image & Doc
Integrate Codabar barcode creating features into VB.NET document management application. VB.NET ITF-14 barcode drawing on png, gif, jpeg, bmp, tiff, PDF or Word document image file.
VB.NET Write Code 11 Barcode on Image & Doc VB.NET Create Leitcode Barcode on Image & Doc
VB.NET Code 11 barcode generation add-on for .NET image capturing and processing projects. Demo VB.NET code to insert standard Leitcode barcode into defined area of source image file.
VB.NET Create Code 2of 5 Barcode on Image & Doc VB.NET Add MSI Plessey Barcode to Image & Doc
Professional VB.NET Code 2 of 5 barcode imaging SDK for all .NET Framework applications. Sample VB.NET programming example for MSI Plessey barcode drawing on image or document.
VB.NET Create Code 39 Barcode on Image & Doc VB.NET Insert PLANET Barcode into Image & Doc
How to add Code 39 to source image file for document sorting and tracking using VB.NET? Mature VB.NET barcoding solution for creating PLANET barcode in .NET imaging project.
VB.NET Generate Code 93 Barcode on Image & Doc VB.NET Write POSTENT Barcode on Image & Doc
Sample VB.NET code can be found here for 1d Code 93 barcode writing on document image file. VB.NET barcode generator component for adding POSTNET barcode to document image file.
VB.NET Draw Code 128 Barcode on Image & Doc VB.NET Add RM4SCC Barcode to Image & Doc
VB.NET SDK to generate customized Code 128 in .NET imaging application. How to insert standard 1d RM4SCC barcode into target image files or documents in VB.NET imaging application?
VB.NET Write EAN-8 Barcode on Image & Doc VB.NET Draw UPC-A Barcode on Image & Doc
VB.NET solution to create & print EAN-8 barcode on image or document file. Linear barcode creator control to add UPC-A barcode to source document image files using VB.NET code.
VB.NET EAN-13 Barcode Drawing on Image & Doc VB.NET Insert UPC-E Barcode into Image & Doc
VB.NET EAN-13 barcoding solution to create EAN-13 in ASP.NET & WinForms imaging projects. VB.NET UPC-E barcode generation on image files and PDF & Word documents.
VB.NET GS1-128 Barcode Generation on Image & Doc
GS1-128 barcodes created on VB.NET project source document image are compatible with industry standards.
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