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VB.NET Imaging - View & Convert Bitmap in VB.NET

VB Codes to Open, Save, Create, View, Process and Convert Bitmap Image

To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Bitmap is a pixel-based image format used for storing color information of 2D digital image in arbitrary width, height and resolution without compression in VB.NET. It is a high quality image format widely used for printed images and scanned images. Common bitmap image formats include BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, etc.
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RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET supports viewing and processing all kinds of bitmap image formats in VB project. Bitmap image saving, creating, loading, converting and processing is a simple task for our VB.NET image SDK library. This page illustrates bitmap from the following several aspects.
  • Bitmap is a resolution dependent image format for VB image processing SDK
  • Bitmap is a device independent image format in VB.NET application
  • It is simple and fast to create bitmap image using VB.NET image application
  • Users can easily Load and open bitmap image from file or web server with our .NET image SDK
  • It is flexible and convenient to process and manipulate bitmap image in VB project.
  • Using RasterEdge image converting toolkit in VB.NET to convert between bitmap image
  • We can save edited images with bitmap image saving method using VB sample codes
For C# developers, please go to bitmap image processing SDK in C#.NET to find more information on C# bitmap image viewing, annotating, processing and so on.
Bitmap: Resolution Dependent in VB.NET
Bitmap image, well-known as raster image, consists of pixels in a grid in a VB.NET image viewer. Pixels are basic element of a picture, displaying as tiny dots of individual color. Resolution is decided by the number of pixels in an image and is usually called dpi (dots per inch). It is hard to maintain original image quality when you increase or decrease image size in VB.NET image processing application. That's the reason why bitmap image is resolution dependence. Considering resolution dependent of bitmap image, our VB.NET image resizing software evaluates color values of the pixel before reducing image size. The output image quality will not have any significant loss.
Bitmap: Device Independent in VB.NET
We offer users professional image opening software in VB.NET to open device independent bitmap (DIB). There are two ways you can use to convert DIB file. Detailed methods are presented below.
  • Use our VB.NET image SDK as your default software to open device independent bitmap image and save it as other image format
  • Use VB.NET image converter SDK to convert directly DIB file to another image format
Bitmap Image SDK in VB Project
Bitmap image SDK control in VB.NET has many features such as opening & loading, creating, processing, converting and saving. Below are some detailed descriptions on how to achieve above mentioned functions.

Bitmap Image Creating in VB.NET

Bitmap image creating library in VB project creates new image with transparent background for users. It is easy to set properties of the new image in color, width and height. We provide you online tutorial on VB.NET image creating page, please have a look.

Bitmap Image Loading & Opening in VB.NET

Bitmap image SDK in VB.NET enables users to open image easily from local file or from .NET graphics. This bitmap image control using Visual Basic codes also supports loading image from URL for bitmap image viewing and processing. Related sample codes can be found on VB.NET image loading and VB.NET image opening.

Bitmap Image Processing in VB.NET

Bitmap image processing .NET control let us process and manipulate bitmap images in a simple way. Bitmap image processing function include resizing, cropping, scaling, flipping, rotating, watermarking etc. Please refer to VB.NET image processing webpage for more sample codes.

Bitmap Image Converting in VB.NET

It is possible for us to convert bitmap image to various image formats and document types with image converting tool in VB.NET. User can easily convert image to byte array and to stream as well. More bitmap image converting methods can be found on VB.NET image converting webpage.

Bitmap Image Saving in VB.NET

After processing and converting bitmap image, we can save and print edited images with image .NET SDK add-on. It supports single and multi-page image printing in low and high resolution. You may refer to VB.NET image saving and printing page for more information.
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