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VB.NET Excel - How to Add Image to Excel Sheet

Add Image in Specified Format to Target Excel Sheet in VB.NET

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Our VB.NET Excel Processing SDK is specifically designed to help developers process Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (page) in VB.NET application. For example, you can use it to add and burn image on specified Excel spreadsheet. Through the following questions, you will get to know how to finish the task of adding image to target Excel spreadsheet in VB.NET.
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  • If you want to add image on Excel spreadsheet in VB class, what DLLs will be used?
  • In order to add image to Excel spreadsheet in VB.NET project, what APIs will be used?
  • For the purpose of adding image to Excel spreadsheet, what VB.NET demo code do you offer?
  • When using our product to add image on Excel spreadsheet, do you know the functions of our product?
We provide a detailed VB.NET tutorial online and you will find DLLs, APIs, VB.NET demo code that will be used to add image to Excel spreadsheet. And you will get information on main functions of our VB.NET Excel Processing SDK.
VB.NET developers can use the following DLLs in RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET package to add image to Excel document spreadsheet in .NET application using VB language. The DLLs will be added to your VB.NET project as references. If you are intending to further process the added image, you may need to use other DLLs in our .NET Imaging SDK package respectively.
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.MSExcel.dll
The following APIs are open to all VB.NET developers and you can use it to add and burn image to target Excel spreadsheet through VB.NET programming without charge. Our programmers define an abstraction of one Excel spreadsheet - that is XLSXPage. If our VB.NET Excel Processing Control is used in your VB.NET program, you can use X and Y coordinates to specify the location of the image on target spreadsheet because the Excel coordinate system is implemented during the image burning process.
Private Sub AddImage(img As REImage, x As Single, y As Single, encoder As BaseEncoder) Implements XLSXPage.AddImage
End Sub
Private Sub AddImage(img As REImage, x As Single, y As Single) Implements XLSXPage.AddImage
End Sub
VB.NET Demo Code
VB.NET demo code below can be used to add and burn image on Excel spreadsheet. By using AddImageToPage method, the added image will float on the sheet and not limited to certain cell, and you can use X and Y coordinates to adjust the position as stated above.
''' <summary>
''' Add an image to XLSXPage
''' </summary>
''' <param name="page"></param>
''' <param name="img"></param>
''' <param name="x"></param>
''' <param name="y"></param>
Public Sub AddImageToPage(page As XLSXPage, img As REImage, x As Single, y As Single)
page.AddImage(img, x, y, Nothing)
End Sub
Main Functions
When using our VB.NET Excel Processing SDK to add image to Microsoft Excel document spreadsheet, developers are able to add image of more than one format, such as BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG and so on. Together with our VB.NET Image Processing SDK, developers are also able to adjust properties of the added image, such as scaling the image, adjusting the image color and flipping the image. In addition to adding image to Excel spreadsheet, our VB.NET Excel Processing SDK has many other functions. What stated below are its main functions in VB.NET applications.

Sort Pages Order

One of the main functions of this VB.NET Excel Processing SDK is that it enables developers to sort the order of spreadsheets in an Excel document. Therefore, when an Excel document is in wrong order, you do not need to change the order by manually copying the worksheet in wrong page to the correct page index.

Merge Excel Documents

If you want to combine two or more individual Excel documents into a single one in VB.NET application, this Excel Processing SDK for VB.NET is the optimum product which empowers you to complete Excel documents merging in VB.NET within seconds.

Extract Excel Spreadsheet(s)

Using our Excel Processing SDK for VB.NET, you can also extract certain page(s) from target Excel document through VB.NET programming and use the extracted page(s) to form a new Excel document.

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