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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Users who are applying or will use RasterEdge VB.NET Excel Converting SDK to render and convert a specific or the whole Excel document worksheets into image and document files may happen to encounter a problem, that is how to adjust and customize the Excel rendering options using VB.NET methods and sample codes for achieving a required rendering and converting effect. Then, this page will give you the accurate answers related to above request as below:
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  • What options can be adjustable if I want to create a specific Excel rendering application within VB.NET platform?
  • How to set and customize Excel rendering parameters in VB.NET? Are there some free online demo APIs?
  • What more VB.NET Excel rendering and converting applications do you offer?
Rendering Options
RasterEdge Excel converting library in VB.NET is famous for its high-efficiency and high-stability features on rendering and converting Excel document, among which the full support of Excel rendering settings is a crucial part. If you have ever tested or used our VB.NET Excel converting tool, you will be impressed by the intermediary process - Excel document rendering. Everyone who wants to convert Excel document to either image or document format needs to render a certain or the whole Excel pages into specific REImage or a collection of REImage file. One note here, we treat every single Excel spreadsheet as a page in our VB.NET Excel document SDK.
The specific VB.NET Excel rendering options are: image resolution, scaling factor as well as image width & height. And we will give the comprehensive and precise description for each parameter in following respective module.

Image Resolution

VB.NET programmers may not know about this very vital image property. Put into some basic understanding, resolution is the quality of the image. An image consists of large numbers of dots, and the higher the resolution, the more dots can be contained into the same image, and more detailed as well. Thus, as the resolution goes up, the image will become more clear. And the image will be in higher quality.

Scaling Factor

Scaling factor is ration number which scales or multiplies when VB.NET developers need to resize an image. you can apply our VB.NET imaging tool to decide the image scaling ration freely.

Width and Height

By adjusting and setting image width and height, VB.NET users are free to choose the image size. Subsequently, the bigger the image size, the better and cleaner the image will display. Because the bigger the image is, the more dots it can contains and then higher resolution can be set. However, we have a rule on the fixed image size ration that the size is limited by the dimension which reaches the limit first. Thus, when VB.NET users are adjusting the image width and height, this should be take into consideration.
Rendering Options APIs
Please refer to following three APIs for setting Excel rendering in VB.NET programming: image resolution, scaling factor and image width & height.

Set Image Resolution

Dim Resolution As Integer

Adjust Image Scaling Factor

Dim ScalingFactor As Single

Specify Image Width and Height

Private Function ToImage(width As Integer, height As Integer) As BaseImage Implements XLSXPage.ToImage
End Function
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Our .NET Excel document rendering and converting library can be perfectly compatible with any .NET Framework platform, such as VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms. Besides, it supports further Excel converting project developing within Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 or 2012 environment. Please see following features and merits of it:

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