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VB.NET Excel - Sort Order of Spreadsheets

Sort and Reorder Excel Sheets Using RasterEdge VB.NET Excel Processing Library

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When you want to add a worksheet to Microsoft Office Excel in VB.NET, you can define the Excel location between the currently selected sheet and the previous spreadsheet. After the inserting, you might to want to sort and rearrange the entire sheets. To this end, users can simply right-click the tab to choose "Move or Copy". This is how you do within Excel software, and have you ever thought what will you do to achieve Excel sheets/pages sorting and rearranging within VB.NET developing environment by using an Excel pages sorting control? Then, this page will guide you to reorder and sort Excel spreadsheets with RasterEdge VB.NET Excel Sheets Sorting Toolkit from several aspects below:
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  • Brief instructions on installing and activating Excel sheets handling and reordering library in VB.NET
  • Free online VB demo method and code for sorting Excel worksheets order in VB.NET class
  • Key features and benefits of using this VB.NET Excel sheets sorting tool
How to Install
As a matter of fact, our VB.NET Excel spreadsheet sorting toolkit of RasterEdge .NET Excel document processing SDK is easy to be installed and integrated into VB.NET programming environment.

Developing Requirements

There is no particular requirement for installing and running this Excel spreadsheet sorting application in VB.NET application. Please see the list of requirements below.
  • Support Microsoft Excel 2007 or any later version
  • Windows operating systems are compatible, including Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7 and more
  • Support Microsoft Visual Studio developing platform in 2005, 2008, 2010 or 2012
  • Support Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5

DLLs for Sorting Excel

For using this VB.NET Excel worksheet reordering function, some basic and key assemblies are needed from RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK package.
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll: offers the core techniques for VB.NET image and document viewing and processing. No matter which glossary of image or document application you want to apply, you need to implement this reference to your VB.NET project
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.MSExcel.dll: includes all the Excel document reading and managing applications for VB.NET. It is represented in the form of XLSXDocument and XLSXPage. The later one belongs to the former one and stands for the specific Excel spreadsheet in project
How to Sort
After being well informed of the indispensable information of VB.NET Excel document sheets sorting library, you will begin to sort and reorder Excel pages/sheets order by yourself. However, we will offer the comprehensive guide via the following demo API and sample code in VB.NET class.

Sample API

Following example API and method is 100% compliant with your VB.NET Excel project. If you want to use the default RasterEdge Excel pages/sheets reordering program or develop your own individualized one, you need to call API below.
Private Sub SortPage(pageOrder As List(Of Integer)) Implements XLSXDocument.SortPage
End Sub

Demo Code

Following easy to use demo code on sorting and reordering Excel pages/sheets can be directly copy and paste to your VB.NET Excel document application.
''' <summary>
''' Sort Excel document in designated order
''' </summary>
''' <param name="doc"></param>
''' <param name="pageIdxes"></param>
Public Sub sortDocument(doc As XLSXDocument, pageIdxes As List(Of Integer))
End Sub
Code Explanation:
  • Use this Excel document reordering application, VB.NET users are able to sort and rearrange Excel pages/sheets in two main modes via code "pageIdxes" from the above example: one is setting "pageIdxes" in inverted order, such as "5 4 3 2 1", the other is adjusting pages/sheets order freely, like "3 5 1 2 4" or "3 1 2 4 5".
Key Features
Following explanations are the main reasons for why you can't miss this .NET Excel sheets rearranging tool for VB.NET. also illustrates C# tutorial for reordering Excel sheets, you may click to see details.

Excellent Pre-processing Application

We provide the most professional and mature document loading library for inputting and loading source Excel file from local file or memory at high speed. As long as users have loaded the Excel file, you can get the Excel pages/sheets number with our external pages handling control in VB.NET.

Full Options on Sorting Excel Sheets

With this robust Excel document sheets handling toolkit, VB.NET users will get out of the trouble of rearranging Excel pages/sheets in a fixed mode. We provide full options to help users reorder Excel pages /sheets in either inverted or random order.

More Support for Excel Document Processing SDK

Besides Excel pages/sheets reordering function, many more practical Excel pages/sheets processing applications are available within your VB.NET Windows or web project.

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