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Convert PDF to HTML5
Convert PDF to HTML5
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VB.NET PDF - PDF to HTML Webpage Conversion

PDF to HTML Webpage Converter SDK for VB.NET PDF to HTML Conversion

PDF to HTML Conversion Overview

Best PDF Document to HTML file Converter SDK for Visual Studio .NET

Support .NET WinForms, ASP.NET MVC in IIS, ASP.NET Ajax, Azure cloud service, DNN (DotNetNuke), SharePoint

Control navigation by using JS (jquery)

Major browser supported, include chrome, firefox, ie, edge, safari, etc

Embed converted html files in html page or iframe

Export PDF form data to html form

Turn PDF images to HTML images

Embed PDF hyperlinks to HTML links

Available zoom setting (fit page, fit width)

.NET component to convert adobe PDF file to html viewer

Quick integrate sample source code to VB.NET class

Embed zoom setting (fit page, fit width)

Free library for .NET framework

Why do we need to convert PDF document to HTML webpage using VB.NET programming code? PDF, known as Portable Document Format, has been widely used by enterprises and institutions for document viewing and exchanging. But if you want to publish a PDF document file in web site, there are two factors that you may need to consider. One is that compared with HTML file, PDF file (a document format that can not be easily edited), is less searchable for search engines. The other is the crashing problem when user is visiting the PDF file using web browser.

Our PDF to HTML converter library control is a 100% clean .NET document image solution, which is designed to help .NET developers convert PDF to HTML webpage using simple VB.NET code. With this Visual PDF to HTML conversion control component, you are able to perform high fidelity PDF to HTML conversion in VB.NET Web applications and VB.NET Windows projects. Converted HTML files preserve all the contents of source PDF file, like font style and anchors, in VB.NET class application. And below demo code will guide you how to finish the PDF to HTML conversion work.

VB.NET PDF to HTML Converting DLLs

There are two dlls that will be used in the process of VB.NET PDF to HTML conversion, namely, RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll and RasterEdge.Imaging.PDF.dll. The later one contains full APIs for VB.NET developers to edit and process PDF document.

Apart from this VB.NET PDF to HTML converting control, RasterEdge also offers other converting add-ons, like VB.NET TIFF to HTML converter control, VB.NET Word to HTML conversion control, VB.NET PDF to JPEG converting add-on. More VB.NET PDF converting tutorial pages can be found here.

Convert PDF to HTML in VB.NET Demo Code

This professional .NET solution that is designed to convert PDF file to HTML web page using VB.NET code efficiently.

' Convert PDF file to HTML5 files
DocumentConverter.ConvertToHtml5("..\1.pdf", "..\output\", RelativeType.SVG)