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Convert PDF to JPEG
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VB.NET PDF - Convert PDF to JPEG Using VB

Online Tutorial for PDF to JPEG (JPG) Conversion in VB.NET Image Application

VB.NET PDF to JPEG Conversion Overview

Without using any other external software, our VB.NET PDF to JPEG converting component can help developers convert standard PDF file to high-quality JPEG image file independently. And converted JPEG image preserves all the content (including both images and texts) of original PDF document page.

More details about VB.NET PDF to text conversion library:

Standalone VB.NET PDF to JPEG converting SDK that is built in .NET Framework 2.0

Able to convert all PDF pages to separate JPEG image files using VB.NET programming code

Convert PDF page to JPEG image whose resolution and size can be easily customized by VB.NET code

Allow VB.NET developers to choose any one PDF page and convert it to JPEG image file

Support converting PDF document to other image files using VB.NET, like GIF and BMP

Furthermore, if you are a Visual C# .NET programmer, you can go to this Visual C# tutorial for PDF to JPEG conversion in .NET project.

VB.NET PDF to JPEG Converting DLLs

If you want to apply this mature PDF to JPEG converting solution into your VB.NET class application, you just need to add following two libraries to your project references.



The former one allows developers to decode a standard PDF document, get each PDF page and transform it to image. Besides, this compact PDF editing dll can be also used to view, annotate, compress and process PDF file using VB.NET sample code. The latter library is often used to open, save and edit raster & vector image files, like JPEG and PNG.

Convert PDF to JPEG Using VB.NET

Copy demo code below to achieve fast conversion from PDF file to Jpeg image in VB.NET program.

' Used to register all DLL assemblies.

' Load a PDF file.
Dim inputFilePath As String = Program.RootPath + "\\" + "1.pdf"
Dim doc As PDFDocument = New PDFDocument(inputFilePath)

' Get the first page of PDF file.
Dim page As PDFPage = doc.GetPage(0)

' Convert the first PDF page to a JPEG file.
page.ConvertToImage(ImageType.JPEG, Program.RootPath + "\\Output.jpg")