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How to Create a PDF using VB.NET Codes in a .NET Imaging Project

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Creating a PDF document is a good way to share your ideas because you can make sure that the PDF file cannot be altered without authorization or leaving footprint. RasterEdge .NET Image SDK contains a PDF document generating and processing library control which can enable developers to add PDF creating and editing capacities to their imaging programs.
In the following sections, RasterEdge will provide you with guidance on how to create a new PDF (Portable Document Format) document in a Visual Basic .NET imaging project, without using Adobe Acrobat PDF creator. Here are the aspects to be mentioned later:
  • Visual Basic .NET method to create a new PDF document in a .NET application
  • Visual Basic .NET sample codes to generate a new PDF document
  • Visual Basic .NET demo codes to build a new PDF document with XML and XSLT
VB.NET Method to Create a PDF
If your application is in need of generating a PDF document for processing and editing, you can choose this RasterEdge PDF file creator for Visual Basic .NET. This library control makes PDF file generating a piece of cake, as it can be easily integrated into many MS Visual Studio .NET applications to create PDF with just a few VB.NET codings. Using the Visual Basic .NET method demonstrated below, you can easily achieve high quality PDF document creation.
Public Sub RasterEdgePdfCreator()
End Sub
To get this RasterEdge PDF document file creator library, you can download the RasterEdge .NET Image SDK and find the PDF processing component DLL in the Bin folder. We have also provided you with a demo project, which you can find in the Imaging Demo directory, with a file name RasterEdge.Imaging.Demo.PDF.
VB.NET Sample Codes to Create a PDF
Don't have an Adobe PDF creator and want to generate a PDF document in your VB.NET PDF document editing application? You can simply achieve this with Microsoft Visual Studio and RasterEdge PDF processing library, which is built with various functions such as creating high quality PDF files in Visual Basic .NET, converting images (png, jpeg, gif, tiff and bmp formats supported) or documents (Microsoft Word doc and multi-page TIFF) to PDF files, and so on.
Using this Visual Basic .NET PDF creator library, you can generate a PDF document with just a few steps and a few lines of VB.NET codings. Follow the Visual Studio sample codes below to create a new PDF document and export & save it to your local directory for more processing.
Dim pdf As New RasterEdgePdfCreator()
Dim sec1 As RasterEdgePdfCreator.Section = RasterEdgePdfCreator.Sections.Add()
sec1.Paragraphs.Add(New Text("RasterEdge"))
Examples to Create a PDF with XML & XSLT
Besides the above examples to create a new PDF document with customized contents using Visual Basic .NET codes , RasterEdge PDF document processing library also allows you to import & load XML and XSLT for PDF file generating & creating.
Follow the Visual Basic .NET demo codes below, and developers can easily load "C/1.xml" and "C:/1.xslt" into your VB document imaging program, create a new PDF with given source, and then output it to your disk C with the file name "T.pdf".
Before copying this VB.NET sample codes to your program for evaluation, please remember to copy corresponding sample docs to your disk. Now you can feel free to debug it to get the generated PDF document in your directory.
Dim pdf As New RasterEdgePdfCreator()
Dim xml As New RasterEdgeXmlDocument()
Dim xslt As New RasterEdgeXmlDocument()
doc.BindFO(xml, xslt)
doc.IsTruetypeFontMapCached = true

doc.TruetypeFontMapPath = (@"d:/pdf/")
doc.Save(@C:/"T.pdf", SaveType.OpenInAcrobat,Response)
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