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VB.NET PDF - Protect PDF Document Using XDoc.PDF SDK for VB.NET

How to Protect PDF Document by Editing Password and Redacting PDF Content in Visual Basic .NET Project

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PDF Document Protection Overview

RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK for .NET is an secure toolkit for viewing, editing and protecting PDF document in Visual Basic .NET application, it is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and .NET Framework 2.0 & above versions.

RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK for .NET provides VB.NET users multiple PDF editing functionalities and reliable functionalities to protect PDF document. With secure VB.NET PDF document protecting APIs, VB.NET users are able to add a password to PDF document and edit PDF document password, set PDF file manipulation permissions and sign PDF document with signatures. Besides, RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK for .NET allows users to hide PDF document content with redaction functionality, VB.NET users can hide important information on PDF by redacting and erasing selected PDF text, images and selected whole pages.

This page is mainly guide VB.NET users with different PDF document protection methods. Please refer to following table.

VB.NET Demo Codes for Protect PDF in VB.NET with XDoc.PDF SDK in .NET Application

VB.NET: Set PDF File Permission

This VB.NET guide will tell users how to set PDF file permission with RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK for .NET in Visual Basic .NET class. VB.NET demo code is given for quick evaluation in .NET application.

VB.NET: Edit PDF Password

RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK for .NET enables VB.NET users to add and edit password in PDF document. More details for PDF password editing can be found here.

VB.NET: Edit PDF Digital Signature

RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK for .NET provides easy ways to help users sign PDF document using VB.NET demo code in .NET application. Please click for more details.

VB.NET: Redact PDF Text Content

RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK empowers users easy ways to hind some important informations. This page list the VB.NET demo code for redacting or erasing selected PDF text contents in VB.NET class. Please click for more details.

VB.NET: Redact PDF Images

RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK for .NET also able to help users to redact PDF image in VB.NET project. Please click to refer to concrete method.

VB.NET: Redact PDF Pages

For PDF page manipulating, RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK for .NET can help to delete or redact whole selected PDF pages in  VB.NET class. This guide is mainly for PDF page redaction.