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Overview on PDF Drawing within VB.NET Class
RasterEdge VB.NET PDF Drawing SDK enables users with the capabilities to draw and write text and graphics on single or multiple PDF document page(s) within Windows or Web imaging application in Visual VB.NET class. With our offered API solutions, VB developers and end users are able to write text and graphics contents on all the selected PDF pages at the same time, and the relevant properties, like font size, algorithm, horizontal and vertical positions can be predetermined by using online VB.ENT sample code. This VB.NET PDF Drawing control can be greatly implemented with following developing environments:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 versions
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5
  • PDF Drawing SDK with runtime royalty free developer license
  • Support 32 bit or 64 bit Windows operating system
We will offer following contents to users for VB.NET PDF text and graphics drawing:
  • PDF text and graphics drawing feature list in VB.NET program
  • Brief paragraph on creating the compliant VB.NET sample application for PDF text and image drawing
  • VB.NET sample method and code to teach users to write a customized text object on single PDF page
  • Easy to understand API and example code to guide users to draw .NET graphics on multiple PDF pages at the same time
VB.NET Image: PDF Drawing Feature List
  • Simple to implement "RasterEdge.Imaging.Drawing.dll", "RasterEdge.Imaging.PDF.dll" and "RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll" controls to your VB.NET imaging application
  • Automatically draw text object to PDF with the predetermined font size and vertical & horizontal potions in VB class
  • PDF graphics drawing predetermined functions contain color adjustment, image location settings and the default image output customization
  • Empower users across your VB.NET imaging application to draw a broad range of image shapes on PDF document, including ellipse, rectangle, line, rubber stamp, etc.
  • Easy to delete the created text or image from PDF document with a few lines of VB.NET code
  • Use VB to save the created text or graphics as a separate file or with the current PDF file
VB.NET Image: Project for PDF Drawing
We provide this part for the non-technique end users with an easier PDF drawing work. If you want to use our VB.NET Imaging PDF Drawing SDK to write and customize text and image to PDF, you need to set up a VB.NET sample application first, and this step can be finished by opening your Visual Studio software, choosing the VB programming language to create a Windows or Web imaging project, and then adding RasterEdge .NET imaging SDK references as mentioned above.
VB.NET Image: How to Draw Text and Image to PDF
This part can be divided into two main sections, one is the guide on how to get familiar and use the provided sample code on PDF text adding in VB class and the other part is on how to use the given VB.NET demo code to draw variable graphics objects on PDF file.
Additionally, we also provide users with detailed tutorial on adding and creating text and .NET graphics on PDF file within C# demo method and code. And if you still want to view more VB.NET image drawing guide, please link respectively: VB code to add text content to image and create and write .NET graphics on image page in VB.

VB.NET Image: Draw Text on Single or Multiple PDF Page(s)

Please use following sample VB code to draw and customize text content on PDF document.
Public Shared FolderName As String = "c:/"

Public Shared Sub Test()
Dim fileName As String = FolderName & "Sample.pdf"
Dim obj As New PDFTextDrawing()

obj.Text = "PDF Text Drawing"
'set the displayig text
obj.TextFont = New Font("Arial", 12F, FontStyle.Italic)
'set text font
'set filled font property
obj.FontBrush = New TextBrush()
obj.FontBrush.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Drawing.FillType.Solid
'set filled font style
obj.FontBrush.Solid_Color = Color.Blue
'set filled font color
' set Text size
obj.X = 60F
obj.Y = 45F
obj.Width = 250F
obj.Height = 40F

'set text edge property
obj.OutLine = New LinePen()
obj.OutLine.Width = 2F
'set text edge width
obj.OutLine.Brush = New textBrush()
obj.OutLine.Brush.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Drawing.FillType.Solid
'set text edge style
obj.OutLine.Brush.Solid_Color = Color.Blue
'set text edge color
Dim folderName__1 As String = "C:/"
Dim img As Bitmap = obj.PDFTextDrawing()
img.Save(folderName__1 & "TextDrawing.pdf")
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Sub
VB.NET Image: Draw .NET Graphics on Target PDF Page Area
Using following example code, users can create multiple graphics shapes to any designed PDF page area. Besides this, users are supposed to relocate the created graphics easily and precisely.
Public Shared FolderName As String = "c:/"

Public Shared Sub Test()
Dim fileName As String = FolderName & "Sample.pdf"
Dim obj As New PDFImageDrawing()

obj.Image = "PDF Image Drawing"
'set the displayig image
' set Image size
obj.X = 60F
obj.Y = 45F
obj.Width = 250F
obj.Height = 40F

Dim folderName__1 As String = "C:/"
Dim img As Bitmap = obj.PDFImageDrawing()
img.Save(folderName__1 & "ImageDrawing.pdf")
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Sub

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