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Have you ever hoped you can find a comprehensive .NET PDF document reading and editing SDK that is available by license and powerful enough to provide unparalleled quality and reliability of proven PDF handling techniques? Then, here is your best choice - RasterEdge VB.NET PDF Reading SDK, allowing developers flexibly to implement and program PDF reading, viewing and processing applications in VB.NET desktop platform as well as other wide range of developing environments, for instance, Visual C#.NET, ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms.
Here is the article layout to display what are provided in this tutorial page in ask-and-answer pattern:
  • What is this VB.NET PDF reading and manipulating SDK on the whole?
  • What are the specific functions of this VB.NET PDF document reading SDK library in general?
  • Can you list main FAQs for providing better guide?
PDF Reading SDK
This VB.NET PDF document processor add-on of RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK, developed in .NET Framework application, is designed to offer VB.NET programmers a powerful and mature .NET PDF document reader & editor SDK.
Using this VB.NET PDF document processor add-on, developers can read, display and handle PDF file within VB.NET project web browser, load PDF from web server or local file, convert PDF document to other file types or image formats, mark PDF file with rich annotations, redact the content of PDF file without using any external Adobe software, and even combine barcode reading and writing abilities with PDF document manager to create and scan linear or 2d barcodes to or from PDF file by using just the simple and easy-to-configure Visual Basic .NET methods.
Function List
RasterEdge VB.NET PDF document processing add-on offers rich and easy-to-use APIs for developers to conduct various PDF document reading, editing and manipulating functions in .NET developing platform. In this section, we aim to give you an overview of all these APIs that this VB.NET PDF document processing SDK has offered. And you may click to see more demos.
How to Get Started with PDF Using VB.NET How to Extract Text from PDF Using VB.NET
How to create & save an empty PDF file and how to open PDF from web server or local disk by VB.NET codes? VB.NET text extracting control for VB.NET developers to output text from source PDF file.
How to Create PDF Document Viewer Using VB.NET How to Manipulate PDF Page Using VB.NET
Detailed guidance on VB.NET PDF Web / Windows / Mobile viewer creation and customization. VB.NET PDF page management control to add, delete, rotate or reorder PDF document file.
How to Annotate PDF Document Using VB.NET VB.NET PDF Document Image Extraction
This VB.NET PDF document annotator control allows developers to draw text, line, rectangle, rubberstamp and freehand annotations on source PDF document file. Online tutorial on how to extract and export images or graphics from source PDF document within VB.NET application.
How to Convert PDF Document Using VB.NET How to Scan & Read Barcode on PDF Using VB.NET
In this VB.NET online tutorial, you will find rich PDF document converting methods, like PDF to raster image conversion method and PDF to vector image conversion method. Detailed VB.NET programming examples are listed here with the purpose to help developers add accurate barcode detecting and decoding functions to PDF processing applications.
How to Compress PDF Document Using VB.NET How to Generate Barcode on PDF Using VB.NET
Mature PDF document compressor control that is developed to help VB.NET programmer compress large-size PDF file while maintaining original content. If you want to create industry-standard 1d & 2d barcode images on PDF file for document tracking or sorting, please use this VB.NET PDF barcode generator control.
How to Edit PDF Document Metadata Using VB.NET How to Add Watermark to PDF Using VB.NET
Offer professional PDF document metadata editing APIs, using which VB.NET developers can redact, delete, view and save PDF metadata. Here, provides the APIs that VB.NET developers can use to add text & image watermarks to source PDF document file.
In addition, we also provide the detailed guide for C#.NET PDF document reading.
Main FAQ
Q: This .NET PDF document reader and processor add-on cannot work in my VB.NET project. Why?
A: In general, there are main two reasons that may cause the failure of using our VB.NET PDF document processor add-on. One is that your VB.NET class project did not install Visual Studio 2005 (or above versions) and .NET Framework 2.0 (or later versions) as required. The other is that your evaluation license of this VB.NET PDF reader & editor add-on is unregistered, misplaced or expired.

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