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Overview on VB.NET PDF Watermark Creating
RasterEdge VB.NET PDF Watermark Creator allows users to add and create a watermark to PDF file in order to help users ensure the document confidentiality and safety. Using this VB.NET Imaging PDF Watermark Add-on, you can simply create a watermark that consists of text or image (such as business's logo) on any desired PDF page. And with our PDF Watermark Creator, users need no external application plugin, like Adobe Acrobat.
Developers and end users that adopt RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK can easily create a compliant VB Windows imaging project that is available for implementing .NET Imaging PDF Watermark Adding toolkit. Via our PDF Watermark Creator, users are capable of adding a designed watermark and customizing it on many aspects, for example, typing any text word and phrase, full font options to customize the text font style, size and color, defining the watermark angle and orientation and even saving the created watermark on different ways.
Using VB.NET PDF Watermark Drawing library, programmers and end users are competent to:
  • View the overall features, benefits and technique requisites of PDF watermark creation in VB class
  • Specify the functions on customizing watermark on PDF in VB.NET imaging project
  • Use 100% managed VB.NET method to insert a watermark to PDF file
  • Follow the accurate VB.NET demo code to add text watermark content to any single PDF page
  • Apply the provided VB example code to create graphics watermark on multiple PDF pages within the Windows imaging application
VB.NET PDF Watermark Inserting Features and Techniques
  • Compatible with the latest international PDF watermark creating standard in .NET, VB.NET application
  • Programmed on the powerful RasterEdge .NET Imaging core SDK technologies
  • Desktop .NET imaging runtime royalty free developer license is indispensable
  • Easy to combine PDF Watermark Add-on within your VB.NET imaging project
  • Able to add text or image as a watermark on PDF page using VB code
  • Free to use VB code control the text watermark content, such as, word, phrase, sentence, etc.
  • Support variable VB project image formats that can be used as PDF watermarks, including, jpeg, bmp, png, gif
  • Full PDF watermark processing applications in VB.NET are provided, such as, rotating, flipping, resizing, and more
  • Able to store the created watermark as a separate file or together with the existing PDF document
Specific VB.NET PDF Watermark Customizing Functions
Following list shows the general PDF watermark customizing functions in VB.NET document imaging program.
  • Easy to write any word or phrase that will be used as a text watermark
  • Support adjusting text font style in VB class, like text size and color
  • Resize watermark image width and height
  • Rotate watermark image to any angle among 360 degrees
  • Specify the orientation of watermark on vertical and horizontal direction
VB Method to Add Watermark on PDF File
We offer users with the most flexible and mature PDF watermark adding API solutions that can be seamlessly incorporated within many .NET projects, including VB.NET. Besides, this method can be used for further .NET imaging watermark developing. If you want to see PDF watermark developing tutorial in C# class, you can go to C# imaging PDF watermark drawing manual.
Public Sub CreateWatermark(s As String, font As Font, brush As Brush, point As PointF)
End Sub
VB Demo Code to Insert Text Watermark to PDF
As mentioned above, users are able to add desired word or phrase as the PDF text watermark, and the high performance text customizations are completely available. For specific guide, please refer to following sample code in VB class.
Dim text As New RasterEdgeImaging()
Using image__1 As Image = Image.LoadImageFromFile("C:\1.pdf")
End Using
If True Then
Dim text As New Text(text)
Dim font As New RasterEdgeImaging.Font("Times New Roman", 16, FontStyle.Bold)

Dim brush As New RasterEdgeImaging.Brushes.SolidBrush()
brush.Color = Color.Black
brush.Opacity = 100
text.Data = "copyright"
text.CreateWatermark("watermark", font, brush, New PointF(image__1.Width / 2, image__1.Height / 2))
End If
VB Class Example Code to Add Image Watermark to PDF
Besides text, users also can insert a target image, like company logo as a watermark on PDF document. In addition, we support users creating same watermarks on multiple PDF pages at the same time. Please see following guide code.
Dim Image__1 As New RasterEdgeImaging()
'Create an instance of Image and load an existing image
Using image__2 As Image = Image__1.LoadImageFromFile("C:\1.pdf")

End Using
If True Then
Dim graphics As New Graphics(image__2)
Dim font As New RasterEdgeImaging.Font("Times New Roman", 16, FontStyle.Bold)
Dim brush As New RasterEdgeImaging.Brushes.SolidBrush()
brush.Color = Color.Black
brush.Opacity = 100
image__2.CreateWatermark("watermark", font, brush, New PointF(image__2.Width / 2, image__2.Height / 2))
End If

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