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VB.NET PowerPoint - How to Add Your Image to Slide

Use VB.NET PPT Processing SDK to Add and Burn Image to PPT Slide

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

MS PowerPoint presentation is widely used for communicating and transmitting information in not only education field, but also communication art. Adding and inserting image or clip art to your PowerPoint presentation in VB.NET will make it more interesting and appealing. So, have you ever imagined you can install and implement a PowerPoint document image adding tool for allowing you to reach this goal? For instance - RasterEdge VB.NET PPT Image Adding Control. And in this page, we will teach you to insert and add picture to your PPT slide/page. With online free VB methods and sample code, you can effectively communicate your ideas through inserted image to your audience.
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This article will discuss inserting picture or clip art to PowerPoint from following sections:
  • The entire demo methods of inserting image to PPT slide by using our VB.NET PowerPoint image adding library
  • Complete and easy-to-configure VB.NEt sample code on adding image or clip art to PowerPoint slide/page
  • Many more tutorials on functions of VB.NET PowerPoint document processing SDK
Demo APIs
Our reliable and user-friendly VB.NET PPT page image adding tool allows for inserting picture at any position of PPT document from both the source of local file and memory stream. With the full options, VB.NET programmers are competent to add and manipulate image, clip art, screenshot and even logo picture to PPT slide without affecting the original PPT document quality. What's more, after inserting, the image will be burned to the slide in a native file format as embedded image.
In addition, you are completely free to decide the image format in VB.NET that will be added and burned to your specified PPT location with the support of PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, and more.
Private Sub AddImage(img As REImage, x As Single, y As Single, unit As PPTXUnits, format As ImageFormat) Implements PPTXPage.AddImage
End Sub
Private Sub AddImage(img As ReImage, x As Single, y As Single, unit As PPTXUnits) Implements PPTXPage.AddImage
End Sub
Private Sub AddImage(img As ReImage, x As Single, y As Single) Implements PPTXPage.AddImage
End Sub
For having a better understanding of PPT image adding methods, please pay attention to notices below.
  • REImage: an image form defined by RasterEdge's programmers. And as you have loaded and added the target image, clip art or screenshot, the picture will be transformed into REImage in VB.NET program memory. Then, you can choose to insert the REImage to PPT (.pptx) slide in any format.
  • unit: an image rendering parameter. If you set the unit to null, the default pixel unit will be automatically adopted.
Besides, these methods for adding image also can be used to add annotation or barcode to PowerPoint document in VB.NET class. You may see detail guides on these functions through left menu links.
Sample Code
Please refer to following VB.NET example code on adding and burning image to PowerPoint. The sample image to be added is in Jpeg form, and users can change it to Png/Bmp/Tiff, etc.
''' <summary>
''' Add a logo to PowerPoint document slide.
''' </summary>
''' <param name="page"></param>
''' <param name="img"></param>
''' <param name="x"></param>
''' <param name="y"></param>
Public Sub AddImageToPage(doc As PPTXDocument, logoPath As [String], x As Single, y As Single)
Dim img As New REImage(logoPath)
For i As Integer = 0 To doc.GetPageCount() - 1
Dim tmp As PPTXPage = DirectCast(doc.GetPage(i), PPTXPage)
' Add REImage to the PPTXPage and embed it in the form of Jpeg.
tmp.AddImage(img, x, y, PPTUnits.[Default], ImageFormat.Jpeg)
End Sub
Do You Want to Do More?
This outstanding PPT page image adding component is just one of the most practical applications of RasterEdge PowerPoint document processing SDK in VB.NET platform. We will list some other important PPT document manipulating functions below.

How to Add, Insert or Delete PPT Slide

Our full programmed VB.NET PPT document processing tool offers users the complete methods of "AddPage", "InsertPage" and "DeletePage" to add, insert or delete any certain PowerPoint slide without affecting the rest of document slides in a few lines of VB codes.

How to Combine or Split PPT Document(s)

If you want use the easiest and most professional toolkit to merge and separate PPT document(s), then you can't miss VB.NET PPT document SDK. By using the VB.NET PPT document merging methods, you can quickly combine two or a list of PPT documents into a new one and save it to native file or stream. And with the smart PPT document splitting application, you can separate a multi-page PPT document into 2, 4, 6 and even more sub-files.

How to Sort and Reorder PPT Document Pages

Use the robust PPT document slides sorting and rearranging methods to reorder current PPT slides in both inverted and arbitrary order in VB.NET project.

More Corresponding PPT Image Adding Guide in C#.NET

We also provide the accurate online guide on C#.NET PPT image adding library.

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