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VB.NET Imaging - Process Web Image Using VB.NET

A Complete Introduction to Web Image Processing in VB.NET

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Apart from displaying and viewing web document or web image through VB.NET imaging web viewer library, RasterEdge web document image viewer also supports processing various image formats and document types, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PDF, Word. It allows users and developers to rotate image and document in most web browsers without installing other imaging plug-ins or applications.
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In VB.NET Web Forms project, RasterEdge .NET web image viewer library is seamlessly compatible with other ASP.NET web applications which provide users with other imaging features like printing, saving, downloading and uploading. In these ways, the processed web image will be quickly printed, saved, downloaded or uploaded with high-quality.
In this article, we will give you a comprehensive introduction on web image document processing feature of RasterEdge VB.NET web viewing control. If you need to process and manipulate web image and document in other .NET applications such as C#.NET. Please refer to process web image and document within C#.NET application.
After creating web image viewer SDK for VB.NET with Visual Studio in .NET Framework, it is easy to load image and document from local file, memory stream or server file in almost all the mainstream browsers. If you want to process image with RasterEdge rotating functionality, you can directly see the trial package demo project that provides all rotation buttons in web viewer user interface processing section. Below talks about two aspects of web image viewer processing within VB.NET program.
VB.NET - Process Web Image & Doc with Rotation APIs
RasterEdge web document image viewer adopts the latest HTML5 technology to process image and document in VB.NET ASP.NET web project. It entitles users to rotate image and document page with three kinds of JavaScript APIs: btnRotate90, btnRotate180 and btnRotate270.
  • btnRotate90 API is strong enough to help VB users rotate currently displayed image 90 degrees clockwise.
  • btnRotate180 API is able to assist you in rotating currently displayed image 180 degrees clockwise.
  • btnRotate270 API can be used to rotate currently displayed image or document page 90 degrees counterclockwise in VB.NET web project.
The above three functions bind with RasterEdge web imaging viewer button's onclick event in Default.cs file. It makes you easy to rotate image and document in VB.NET web image viewing library interface.
VB.NET - Process Toolbar of Web Viewer in Various Ways
The default toolbar of our web imaging viewer SDK control is able to be customized with several snippets of JavaScript codes. VB.NET developers can change the location of toolbar from default top to bottom, right or left side of the web viewer interface. It is also flexible to add useful function button or delete unnecessary function button within VB.NET web site application. The following demonstration shows you how to remove function button from toolbar through commenting out some codes.
// Does not require amplification function buttons
//pageToolbarStr += toolbarZoomIn.CreateHtml();
//Doed not need "Processing" Forum
VB.NET - Easy to Convert Processed Image & Doc
RasterEdge web image viewer SDK can be easily integrated with other VB applications to process images more throughly and comprehensively. For example, you can integrate this web image viewer with image conversion add-on in VB.NET to convert edited image to a wide range of image formats.
RasterEdge web document image viewer library SDK owns other powerful functionalities. It allows you to quickly integrate web document viewer control in VB.NET web project. It also empowers you to zoom and annotate web image and document as well. Once you get to know our web image viewer, you will like it.
Contact us by email or telephone if you need any help for RasterEdge .NET web image viewer control.
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