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VB.NET TIFF Page Insertion Control Overview
How to add & insert a blank page to source TIFF document file in VB.NET class application? In the daily life application, people sometimes need to add a new page (on which they can draw new text and image) to one existed TIFF file as a way to extend the target TIFF document image file. And this VB.NET TIFF page adding control add-on is designed to meet this need.
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Using this TIFF page inserting library plugin, .NET developers can easily create a standard new TIFF page and add it to target TIFF page. Besides, the location of this created new TIFF page can be easily changed using VB.NET class programming code. This is to say, this VB.NET TIFF new page creator SDK allows VB.NET developers to create a new TIFF page and place it behind any page of target TIFF file.
In this online tutorial page for how to create new TIFF page using VB.NET, we will illustrate this VB.NET TIFF page creator control SDK from following aspects.
  • Feature list of this VB.NET TIFF page adding control assembly
  • Illustration of VB.NET TIFF page insertion SDK dlls
  • VB.NET method to create & add new TIFF page
  • VB.NET sample code on how to add blank page to TIFF file
VB.NET TIFF Page Adding Control Features
  • Professional and independent .NET solution for VB.NET programmers to add new TIFF page
  • Thread-safe TIFF page inserting library that can be integrated into any VB.NET class applications
  • Able to create and insert a blank TIFF page into any defined location of source TIFF file by VB.NET code
  • Created blank TIFF page can be easily populated with editable text and images using VB.NET
  • Designed for .NET developers and compatible with .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0
VB.NET TIFF Page Insertion SDK DLLs
This VB.NET TIFF page adding control SDK can be easily integrated into VB.NET class application by adding following dlls to project references directly. To complete the TIFF page insertion task, three compact libraries will be needed, which are RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll, RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF.dll and RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing.dll.
Using RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF.dll, VB.NET programmers can easily open & save source TIFF file and create a new TIFF page. With RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing.dll, VB.NET developers are able to add created new TIFF page to target TIFF file. And RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll offers the APIs for developers to conduct those document image processing functions. And the test environment of this VB.NET TIFF page adding control SDK is Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. But it is compatible with later Visual Studio versions, including VS 2008, VS 2010 and VS 2012.
VB.NET Method to Add New TIFF Page
In this section, we demonstrate the method that this VB.NET new TIFF page adding control has used to create new page and add it to source TIFF document image file in VB.NET class application.
Public Overrides Function AddPage(newPage As BasePage) As Integer
End Function
Public Overrides Function AddPage(newPage As BasePage, pageIdx As Integer) As Integer
End Function
VB.NET Code for TIFF Blank Page Insertion
From the sample VB.NET code below, you will learn how this VB.NET TIFF page adding SDK creates a blank TIFF page and inserts it at the desired location of source multi-page TIFF file.
Public Shared FolderName As String = "c:/"

Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim fileName As String = FolderName & "Sample.tif"
Dim fileNameAdd As String = FolderName & "Add.tif"

Dim doc As REDocument = REFile.OpenDocumentFile(fileName, New TIFDecoder())
'use TIFDecoder open a tif file
Dim pageCount As Integer = doc.GetPageCount()
'get tif's page count
Debug.WriteLine("Page Count: " & pageCount)

Dim newPage As BasePage = doc.CreateEmptyPage()
'create a new page by REDocument
'add a new page to REDocument
pageCount = doc.GetPageCount()
'get new tif's page count
Debug.WriteLine("Page Count: " & pageCount)

REFile.SaveDocumentFile(doc, fileNameAdd, New TIFEncoder())
'save new tif
End Sub
After you create a blank TIFF page, you need to fill this TIFF page with new content. To meet this need, you can add text to target blank TIFF page using VB.NET TIFF annotation SDK and you can draw graphics on this blank TIFF page using VB.NET TIFF drawing control add-on. Besides, if you want to process source TIFF page in other ways, like rotating TIFF page using VB.NET sample code, deleting certain TIFF page in VB.NET programming language and reordering TIFF pages in VB.NET class applications.

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