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VB.NET TIFF - Use VB to Sort TIFF Pages Order

VB.NET Sample Codes and Guide for Sorting, Reordering TIFF File with .NET DLL

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"This online guide content is Out Dated!
    Please get the latest XDoc.Tiff C# Developer Guide here.

This page is actually a detailed user guide on how to sort a multi-page TIFF file using the Visual Basic .NET programming language. We will demonstrate the guiding steps and sample VB codes within the following sections:
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  • Visual Basic TIFF processing add-on feature list
  • Visual Basic .NET method for sorting pages from a TIFF file
  • Visual Basic .NET sample codes to sort & reorder a multi-page TIFF document
Imaging SDK for .NET is a versatile image processing toolkit with a variety of control libraries, with which you can start editing & manipulating multi-page TIFF (Tagged Image File), PDF, Microsoft Office Word document, and many image formats such as png, jpeg, gif, and bmp.
VB.NET developers can make full use of this multi-page TIFF processing plug-in component DLL to build a TIFF file processor & editor using VB.NET programming language. You can easily integrate this library into your Microsoft Visual Studio (2005 and all later versions supported), create an imaging project such as Windows / ASP.NET Web application or VB.NET class library, and then follow the various user manuals provided by RasterEdge to start testing TIFF file page sorting features with VB.NET examples.
Besides reordering this TIFF file using VB.NET programming, users may also want to view guides for some other TIFF processing features. Yes, we also have VB.NET tutorial for converting a TIFF file to image formats, from which you will learn how to convert a TIFF file into png, gif, jpeg, and bmp image formats. You can also refer to VB.NET examples for annotating TIFF file, which will tell you how to add annotations to a TIFF doc in any shape such as rectangle, ellipse, freehand, text and so on. If you want to add barcode into a TIFF document, you can see how to draw barcode on TIFF in VB.NET.
VB.NET TIFF Processing Feature List
  • Scan, read a TIFF file with multiple pages in your VB.NET application for sorting
  • Easy to sort a multi-page TIFF file with page numbers using VB.NET codes
  • VB.NET examples with detailed codings provided for user-defined page sorting
  • Sorting pages as you wish for better TIFF file reading experience with VB.NET codings
  • TIFF page sorting and more features such as page deleting, inserting and rotating are available in VB.NET
  • Print and save edited TIFF document to your local directory
  • Mature control library designed for .NET Framework only
VB.NET Method for TIFF Page Sorting
Displayed below in the code tab is the Visual Basic (VB.NET) sample code for sorting the multiple pages from a TIFF document. Using this method, you will be enabled to reorder any TIFF file page in the way defined by you. Please make sure that you have installed MS Visual Studio into your system before hand so you can build a VB.NET TIFF processing application for this.
Public Overrides Sub SortPage(orderPageIdxs As List(Of Integer))
End Sub
VB.NET Sample Codes for TIFF Page Sorting
Demonstrated in the code tab below is the Visual Basic (VB.NET) demo code for sorting / reordering a multi-page TIFF doc restored in your system. In the example below, we will load / import a TIFF file - "Sample.tif" from your local disk C root directory, open it with our RasterEdge TIFF decoder, and then start reordering the pages for the TIFF file. In the end, we will save the edited TIFF doc with updated order as a new TIFF doc, and save it to your local disk C with the name "sort.tif".
You can copy the complete sample VB.NET class codes to your VB.NET TIFF file page processing program created in your MS Visual Studio, or you can make necessary changes to that beforehand. For example, you may want to change the TIFF in C disk to your own testing TIFF file name with its corresponding file location on your computer. And of course, you can define the orders for the TIFF file page sorting by yourself. Finally you can definitely change the file name for the updated TIFF doc.
Public Shared FolderName As String = "c:/"

Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim fileName As String = FolderName & "Sample.tif"

Dim doc As REDocument = REFile.OpenDocumentFile(fileName, New TIFDecoder())
'use TIFDecoder open a tif file
Dim pageCount As Integer = doc.GetPageCount()

Dim newOrders As New List(Of Integer)()

For i As Integer = pageCount - 1 To 0 Step -1


REFile.SaveDocumentFile(doc, "c:/sort.tif", New TIFEncoder())
'save new tif
End Sub

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