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VB.NET TWAIN - Image Acquisition Class Overview

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When you need to deal with about hundreds of image between software and digital imaging devices, for instance, scanners or digital cameras, you are supposed to apply intermediate regulation called TWAIN. RasterEdge .NET Imaging TWAIN Toolkit for VB.NET has been perfectly designated to offer users the best image TWAIN scanning product, which can answer any of the following relevant questions:
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  • What is TWAIN exactly? And what are the requirements for using RasterEdge VB.NET Imaging TWAIN application?
  • How does TWAIN acquisition tool work in VB.NET? And what will be used to handle the whole TWAIN image scanning process?
  • What makes RasterEdge .NET Imaging TWAIN control so excellent?
What Is TWAIN?
Technically speaking, TWAIN is an intermediary designing that provides a standard for software developers to access and deal with digital image acquisition devices including scanners, digital cameras and some others alike applications.
The TWAIN Acquisition object acts as the elementary control of RasterEdge .NET TWAIN library used to add standard image acquisition capabilities to your VB.NET imaging TWAIN application. What's more, it still provides support for any other application programmed in any .NET developing environment to apply the easy-to-use and flexible TWAIN image acquiring APIs within an easy-to-configure TWAIN acquisition interface. Using this TWAIN Acquisition object in VB.NET class, end users and programmers are capable of opening, selecting and handling TWAIN acquisition progress with minimum coding requirements but at the highest performance with any TWAIN compatible Data Source image acquisition device.
Additionally, for greater control over VB.NET TWAIN image acquiring process, users can use the Device objects of TWAIN that can be got only through methods provided by Acquisition class. You are allowed to call and write all of the APIs of TWAIN capabilities in the second part of this page.

TWAIN Developing Environments

What should be prepared for applying RasterEdge .NET TWAIN acquisition library in VB.NET programming application can be very vital for ensuring that TWAIN product will work well and in high-efficiency, so, developing environments compatibility should be considered.
  • Support Microsoft Windows XP and other above operating systems
  • Support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 developing environments
  • Support all Microsoft .NET Framework versions, including 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5
  • Support any type of TWAIN image acquisition device, for example, scanner, ditital camera and multi-function peripheral
TWAIN Acquiring Events
This TWAIN image acquiring program can be integrated within Visual Basic .NET in high speed and high-quality. Add following a few crucial events to your created VB.NET TWAIN imaging acquisition project to handle the whole scanning process, including staring image acquiring, finishing capturing image, canceling image acquiring procedure and transferring or converting the queried and acquired image to any supporting file (like png, jpeg, bmp, gif & pdf). Please refer to following APIs respectively.
Public Event ImageAcquired As ImageAcquiredEventHandler
Public Event AcquireFinished As EventHandler
Public Event AcquireCanceled As EventHandler
Public Event FileTranfer As FileTransferEventHandler
APIs explanations:
  • "ImageAcquired": designed to query and begin to acquire each image from software immediately as soon as this method is called
  • "AcquireFinished": images have been acquired and all image transfers have been completed
  • "AcquireCanceled": used to control the suspending of image acquisition when user clicks the cancel button in the TWAIN driver UI
  • "FileTranfer": well programmed to transfer acquired images to other image files with VB.NET console
Why Choose RETWAIN?
Following products features and benefits make RasterEdge VB.NET Imaging TWAIN SDK become a pro at image acquisition between software and TWAIN compatible data source digital devices. And here is link to VB.NET TWAIN SDK overview.

Thread-safe VB.NET TWAIN Image Acquisition Application

This TWAIN image acquisition library is absolutely compatible with both single-threaded and multi-threaded VB.NET projects.

High-speed on Handling TWAIN Basic Acquisition

With VB.NET TWAIN Acquisition object control, you can achieve the basic TWAIN scanning progress with no need to customize and specify TWAIN scanning options.

Support Saving Acquired TWAIN Images Flexibly

Users are allowed to save the TWAIN scanned image into the way of local file and memory stream with the forms of variable images and documents.

Transfer Acquired Image to Other Image Forms in VB.NET

By using "FileTransferEventHandler", users are able to transfer and convert the captured TWAIN image into any other supporting image format.

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