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Have you ever thought that you need to use TWAIN acquisition tool to scan and capture PDF, TIFF, JPEG or any other image formats for more image processing, but your TWAIN-based acquisition application does not support these file formats, what will you do facing this emergent problem? Now, it's the time to handle this trouble - using RasterEdge VB.NET TWAIN Image Acquisition Control. This .NET TWAIN Library is very helpful for unifying operations with images from multi-functional devices, network scanners or E-mails. And with this TWAIN image scanning solution, a few questions below will be answered correctly and rapidly.
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  • What is TWAIN acquisition program of RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK? And how does it work exactly?
  • What image formats are supported for rendering and converting for TWAIN captured image?
  • How can I finish the TWAIN acquired image conversion successfully in VB.NET project?
  • Where can I get more VB.NET tutorials for the complete .NET TWAIN Acquisition Control?
TWAIN Image Convertion
VB.NET TWAIN image acquisition application of RasterEdge has been well programmed to help users to achieve image scanning & acquiring and more TWAIN captured image transferring and converting. By creating Compression Schemes in VB.NET application with RasterEdge .NET imaging assembly, users can render and convert scanned image to various of imaging formats such as png, gif, jpeg, bitmap, etc.
TWAIN image conversion capabilty can be very easy to use as long as you embed the required "RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll", "RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing.dll" and also "RasterEdge.Imaging.TWAIN.dll" to your built VB.NET TWAIN program, and you don't need to use any external hardware scanner application. It can be installed and combined with any VB.NET projects within Visual Studio version 2005 or above, for instance, VB.NET web and VB.NET Windows Forms projects. Besides, this .NET TWAIN Add-on is compatible with either 32-bit or 64-bit driver on any Windows systems.
Supporting Image Files
Our outstanding and reliable TWAIN Add-on for VB.NET supports image rendering and converting to the following image formats and compression schemes: PDF (containing text PDF, image PDF and image plus text PDF documents), single-page and multi-page TIFF file, raster images - jpeg, gif, bmp & png and vector image - svg.
TWAIN Conversion Code
.NET TWAIN scanning and converting library plays an very important part in many common office tasks. It can render and convert scanned image into any TWAIN-compatible image or document format which can be completely specified based on different requirements.
For instance, following sample code in VB.NET language is displayed for users to convert acquired TWAIN image into PNG image with the event handler "FileTranfer", and you also can change the PNG to JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, or any other one.
''' <summary>
''' Convert scanned image with compression scheme supported by RasterEdge
''' </summary>
Public Sub ScanningImageToPNGFormat()
Dim acq As New Acquisition()
acq.FileTranfer += New EventHandler(AddressOf OnFileTransfer2)
End Sub

Public Sub OnFileTransfer2(sender As Object, e As FileTransferEventArgs)
e.FileFormat = TwainFileFormat.PNG
End Sub
In addition to the full suppporting image formats, the TWAIN image saving file path and name also can be totally customized with the corresponding flexible methods.
See Also
Our TWAIN acquisition toolkit for VB.NET consists of a series of scanning, saving and transferring functions, and this part will give you the brief explanations for the related TWAIN scanning and capturing functions.

TWAIN Acquisition Object in VB

TWAIN Acquisition class is the primary class in RETWAIN, and contains standard image acquisition capabilities to image scanning application, like basic image acquiring, image acquiring canceling, etc.

TWAIN Basic Image Acquisition Tool

This is the elementary TWAIN programming control that fulfills the basic VB.NET TWAIN image scanning and capturing requirements with no user-defining needs.

TWAIN Acquired Image Saving

This excellent TWAIN product can be used to save and store the single or the multiple acquired images to a desired file path in a required format.

TWAIN Device Control

Devices control feature of VB.NET TWAIN Library offers users the most easy-to-configure methods on TWAIN automatic scanning or duplex scanning, and whole page or certain area scanning.

TWAIN Scanning SDK in VB.NET

TWAIN Scanning SDK in VB.NET is the most professional TWAIN image acquisition add-on, which includes overall features for TWAIN image acquisition, device control and scanning examples.

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