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VB.NET TWAIN - Using Device Control for Acquisition

Guide for Using Device Object to Control TWAIN Scanning Process in VB.NET

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TWAIN provides support for high-speed digital image scanning. A Device object can be used to control TWAIN image scanning process with our VB.NET TWAIN device control library. This VB.NET guide page is designed to illustrate realizing featured TWAIN image scanning with the Device object from the following aspects.
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  • What APIs will be used to customize TWAIN scanning through Device object control in VB.NET application?
  • How to realize TWAIN scanning process control with Device object through VB.NET programming?
  • Why choose our VB.NET TWAIN device control program to achieve featured TWAIN image scanning?
Detailed answers to these questions are stated in the following sections respectively.
APIs for TWAIN Device Control
Our TWAIN demo project provides all APIs for controlling TWAIN image scanning process with the Device object in VB.NET applications. As multiple APIs will be used, we just list some of them in this section. For example, Device Acquisition method is used to obtain the Device object in VB.NET TWAIN image scanning project.
' Get the Device project.
Private Function ShowSelectSource() As Device Implements Acqusition.ShowSelectSource
End Function

' Open connection to TWAIN device.
Private Sub Open() Implements Device.Open
End Sub

' Close connection to TWAIN device.
Private Sub Close() Implements Device.Close
End Sub
How to Realize TWAIN Device Control

VB.NET TWAIN: Obtain Device Object

In the first place, VB.NET developers need to obtain the Device object using methods from Acquisition object APIs in order to control the TWAIN image scanning process in VB.NET. These methods include Acquisition.GetDevice(String deviceName);, Acquistion.Devices;, Acquistion.ShowSelectSource(); and Acquistion.GetAvailbleSource.

VB.NET TWAIN: Connect or Disconnect to Device

In the second place, VB.NET developers may open and close connection to TWAIN device when necessary. Before querying and setting the device capabilities, it is necessary to open connection to TWAIN device. After VB.NET TWAIN image acquiring process is finished, you need to close the connection to TWAIN device.

VB.NET TWAIN: Query or Set Device Capabilities

In the third place, VB.NET developers need to query, check or set capabilities supported by the TWAIN device, such as compression modes, frame sizes, resolution and other properties.

VB.NET TWAIN: Featured Image Scanning

In the fourth place, developers can choose the scanning type to customize own TWAIN image scanning in VB.NET application, such as duplex scanning. Please pay attention that the image is automatically captured for scanning in our VB.NET TWAIN device control program. To know more supported featured TWAIN scanning, please click to see more demos.

VB.NET TWAIN: Define Image Size & Location to Scan

Finally, developers are able to define a target area or for TWAIN scanning in VB.NET project. Meanwhile, developers can specify the page size to be scanned in order to speed up VB.NET TWAIN image scanning.
Why Choose Our TWAIN Device Control Program?
In order to achieve better TWAIN image scanning result, many VB.NET developers choose to use the Device object to control the TWAIN image scanning process. There are some reasons why developers choose our VB.NET TWAIN device control DLL.
  • In our VB.NET TWAIN device control program, the Device object can be obtained from the Acquisition object and there is no need to directly create an instance of Device object.
  • Our VB.NET programmers integrate all TWAIN image scanning functions into a small-size DLL (RasterEdge.Imaging.TWAIN.dll) and you may simply locate the DLL to your VB.NET project.
  • This VB.NET TWAIN device control program is entirely compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions and Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 or 2012.
  • We provide TWAIN device control DLL demo project which includes detailed APIs and methods of controlling TWAIN image scanning with the Device object in VB.NET application.
  • TWAIN image scanning examples are offered to help you utilize our product in .NET applications using VB.NET programming language.
  • Free evaluation version of VB.NET TWAIN device control product is provided online. You can free to download and apply it to your VB.NET TWAIN image scanning program at any time.

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