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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Apart from the basic TWAIN image scanning process, do you need to add some featured image scanning and acquisition functions into your VB.NET image capturing application? If yes, following questions may draw your attention.
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  • What preparing work do I need to do before I integrate these featured TWAIN scanning functions?
  • How can I integrate duplex image scanning function into my VB.NET TWAIN acquisition application?
  • How can I add automatic scanning function to my VB.NET TWAIN capturing application?
  • Is there any way for me to stamp text in the process of VB.NET TWAIN scanning?
  • What are the benefits of RasterEdge VB.NET TWAIN featured scanning control add-on?
Preparation Work
In order to fully integrate this VB.NET TWAIN featured scanning control add-on into your VB.NET TWAIN image capturing application, there are some preparation work you need to do first.
  1. There is at least one TWAIN supported device in your application and this TWAIN device supports these featured scanning functions itself. If you do not know what scanning features are supported by the source TWAIN device, you can use our VB.NET TWAIN image scanning SDK to query TWAIN device capabilities using VB.NET programming code;
  2. Make sure the TWAIN has already installed into your VB.NET image acquisition project;
  3. Make sure your VB.NET TWAIN image scanning application has installed .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or greater;
  4. Install RasterEdge TWAIN image capturing dlls into your project references and obtain valid license key.
Featured TWAIN Scanning Functions
In this section, we list the most commonly used special VB.NET TWAIN scanning features, which are duplex scanning, automatic scanning and text stamping. Before using following featured VB.NET TWAIN scanning functions, please make sure that you have established a connection with TWAIN compatible device.

Duplex Scanning

Following VB.NET demo code is offered here to help developers scan both sides of target document image files in .NET application. Using this VB.NET demo code, you can easily query and integrate duplex scanning function into your TWAIN image acquisition application.
Public Sub SetDuplexScanning(device As Device)
device.Duplex = True
End Sub

Automatic Scanning

Now most modern document capturing systems have owned the automatic image acquisition function. With this automatic image scanning feature, users can easily scan multiple document pages at a time without delivering file page by page. Using following VB.NET sample code, you can not only determine the total number of scanned images but also decide the time gap between two image captures.
After your finish the auto image scanning process, please remember to trigger the AcquireFinished event. Of course, if you want to cancel the scanning in the automatic image scanning process, please call the AcquireCanceled event.
Public Sub AutomaticScanning(device As Device)
device.AutoScan = True

acquisition.ImageAcquired += New ImageAcquiredEventHandler(AddressOf acquisition_ImageAcquired2)

acquisition.AcquireFinished += New EventHandler(AddressOf acquisition_AcquireFinished)

acquisition.AcquireCanceled += New EventHandler(AddressOf acquisition_AcquireCanceled)

' start an auto capture to capture 10 image.time gap between every two captures is 1 second.
device.StartAutomaticCapture("c:\CapturedImage\", 1, 1, 10)
End Sub

Private Shared Sub acquisition_AcquireCanceled(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Console.Out.WriteLine("Acqusition Canceled")
End Sub

Private Shared Sub acquisition_AcquireFinished(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Console.Out.WriteLine("Acquisition Finished")
End Sub

Private Shared Sub acquisition_ImageAcquired2(sender As Object, e As ImageAcquiredEventArgs)
'do something here.
End Sub

Imprinter Method

If you want to stamp a text string on captured image file, this imprinter method is quite suitable. Besides, this VB.NET TWAIN imprinter method also allows developers to decide where the stamped text will appear, like bottom or top of scanned image, and how the imprinted text will be displayed, like single line or multi-line.
Public Sub ImprintOnScanningImage(device As Device)
device.SetImprinterEndorser(ImprinterEndorserType.EndorserBottomAfter, ImprinterEndorserMode.SingleLine, "Sample")
End Sub
Why to Choose
This VB.NET TWAIN featured scanning control add-on is a professional and advanced .NET programming solution which has enjoyed a great popularity among VB.NET developers. Apart from above mentioned three VB.NET TWAIN scanning features, we also offer you other benefits that this VB.NET TWAIN featured scanning control add-on has owned.

Support both Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET Programming Languages

If you want to add these featured TWAIN scanning functions to your .NET application using C# code, this VB.NET TWAIN scanning control is also suitable.

Highly-Compatible with Other VB.NET TWAIN Scanning Controls

Coupled with other VB.NET TWAIN image scanning libraries, this VB.NET featured TWAIN scanning control can be used to achieve comprehensive TWAIN image capturing functions.

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