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VB.NET Sample Codes and Guidance to Create a Word Online Web Viewer

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Do you ever have any Microsoft Office Word documents which you want others to view directly, for example, by using their web browser, even if they have not installed the Office Word? If the answer is yes, you can follow this VB guide to create a Microsoft Word document online web viewer by using Visual Basic .NET image processing library SDK.
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RasterEdge Image SDK for .NET includes several library components for VB developers to process & edit many image and document types in a Visual Basic .NET imaging application. With this library package installed, users can enjoy better user experience with a variety of Word document online viewing & editing features, such as file creating, page inserting / deleting, document annotating, watermarking, etc.
  • Intuitive and graphical user interface for easy MS Word manipulation
  • Freely jump / navigate to any page to view a Microsoft Word document
  • Also provide document zooming in and zooming out for better viewing & displaying
  • Compatible with all the major web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc
  • Complete Visual Basic .NET guidance provided for easy integration in your project
This guiding page will concentrate on how to create Microsoft Word online web viewer in a Visual Basic .NET imaging program. Listed below are the related sections that will be demonstrated later:
  • How to build a Visual Basic .NET online web viewer for Microsoft Word file
  • VB.NET Word online web viewer FAQ
  • Some more tutorials for VB.NET image editing & manipulation
How to Create VB.NET Word Online Viewer
Please follow the steps below to create a Visual Basic .NET MS Word document online web viewer. We will build an ASP.NET web site in VS for your imaging program firstly, and then add necessary configuration settings.
  • Start your Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (2005 or later version supported);
  • Select "VB.NET" as programming language for the later imaging application;
  • Create a new VB.NET "ASP.NET Empty Online Site" and name it "OnlineWordViewer";
  • Add all the DLLS needed in the downloaded imaging package to your VB.NET project reference;
  • Copy package folder "RasterEdge_Imaging_Files" to your created VB.NET website Application;
  • Add reference "RasterEdge.css" and "RasterEdge.js" to Visual Studio "Default.aspx" head tag;
  • Copy package folder "Demo_Docs" to your created website folder;
  • Add a new Web.Config and then copy package file "Web.config" content to this created Web.config;
  • Replace the content of created website Default.aspx with corresponding content of the downloaded package Default.aspx;
  • Add "REWebViewer" to Visual Studio "Toolbox" under "General" tab;
  • Drag "REWebViewer" into Defaul.aspx, and set "fileUrl" and add "ImageUrl", "DocWidth", "DocHeight", "ThumbWidth", "ThumbHeight" to the above REWebViewer1 inn Default.aspx.cs;
  • In Default.aspx, add a reference to the path in JavaScript.
VB.NET Word Online Viewer FAQ
Q: How can I integrate this Word web viewer to my VB program, any requirements?
A: To integrate this image library to your VB.NET application, you need to install .NET Framework 2.0 or later, Microsoft Visual Studio (2005 or above), and the RasterEdge .NET Image SDK.
Q: I don' have Microsoft Word installed, can I use this Word web viewer?
A: This (VB.NET) image library SDK is totally developed for you. With its online document viewer installed, even if you don't have MS Word installed, you can use the Word web viewer to load / open, view / display, edit, save and print docx documents that were created by Microsoft Office Word.
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